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Mexico Maymester 2016 Study Abroad

May 9-28, 2016


Citadel Maymester Students at the National Institute of Penal Sciences, Mexico City

Academic cedit: 3 hrs. CRMJ credit (CRMJ majors, counts for 3 hrs. Cluster A; other majors, counts for 3 hrs. general elective)


slide show from Maymester 2015 

syllabus from 2015


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Approximate cost $3,000 plus airfare (est. $750). Price includes tuition.

APPLY- Citadel students

APPLY- Students of other universities

Funding available: Star of the West (early decision 2015), SHSS study abroad (apply early 2016)

About Mexico

Mexico is country of 115 million people and is the US’s 3rd largest trade partner behind Canada and China. Managing security, economic and political relations between the US and Mexico will be a permanent feature of the 21st century and will require personnel with an understanding of the country.

The Program

The program in country includes interviews with experts and leaders from eminent institutions:

  1. ITAM, Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, university, Pres. Felipe Calderon (2006-12) is alumnus
  2. CIDE, Center for Research and Teaching on Economics, think tank
  3. Mexican Supreme Court
  4. Mexican Congress
  5. The National Police Museum
  6. UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico
  7. Colegio de Mexico
  8. National History Museum
  9. Lecumberri Prison Museum
  10. US embassy
  11. Mexican Census Bureau
  12. Mexican Senate
  13. Service learning in colonial Guanajuato, 4 hrs. north of Mexico City
  14. And more!

Contact: Dr. Brian Norris, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Citadel Maymester Students do service learning project in Guanajuato, Mexico


Citadel Maymester Students at the National History Museum, Mexico City


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