The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Remedial PT

The Physical Remediation Program is designed to assist cadets who either fail to make minimum scoreing on the Physical fitness test or who are not in complaince with body composition standards.  Cadets in this catagory will conduct physical training on Mondays & Wednesdays at 0550hrs.  


O530 - Physical Readiness Officer conducts accountability formation in the battalion area.

0535 - Physical Readiness Officer moves their cadets to the PT field (Wilson Field) - Slow jog "Airborne Shuffel"

0540 - Physical Readiness Officers arrive and submit accountability to the Regimental Physical Readiness NCO

0545 - Physical Readiness Officer conducts PT Formation executes Warm up

0550 - Execute planned Physical Fitness Training

0645 - Cadets are formed on Wilson Field (Cool down)

0650 - Physical Readiness Offiers move their unit back to the battalion areas for personal hygene

TRAINING:  Physical Fitness Trainng will consist of three primary groups.

CARDIO-RESPIRATORY FITNESS:  Will consist of a minimum of 2 run groups.  Will focus on cardio improvement by using run groups and cardio circuts.

MUSCULAR STREGTH AND ENDURENCE:  Will focus on improving upper and lower body strenght and endurance using body weight and resistance exercises.

SPECIAL POPULATION PT:  This group will assist those cadets on XPT conduct safe exercise programs that are within the guidence of medical professionals.

NOTE:  Deficient cadets who are on XPT status must attend morning Physical Fitness Training.  Cadets who are on lower body XPT status will not run with their unit to the PT Field.  They will walk to the field IAW medically perscribed profile and join the special population PT group.

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