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Software Copyright Policy

Most software available for use on computers at The Citadel is protected by the United States Copyright Law of 1976, as amended. Educational institutions are not exempt from the laws covering copyrights. In addition, software is normally protected by a license agreement between the purchaser and the software seller. The software provided through The Citadel for use by faculty and staff may be used only on computing equipment as specified in the various software licenses. It is the policy of The Citadel to respect the copyright protection given to software owners by federal law. It is against Citadel policy for faculty or staff to copy or reproduce any licensed software on Citadel owned computing equipment, except as expressly permitted by software license. Also, faculty and staff may not use unauthorized copies of software on Citadel-owned computers or on personal computers.

The Citadel enters into site license agreements with commercial vendors for campus wide use of certain software products. Before entering into a contract with a vendor for a particular product, a department should contact the Software Licensing Manager to find out if a site license exists, and if so, then enter a Hotline to request a copy of the software. The Citadel has site licenses for several products, including, for example, Microsoft Office. Please note that The Citadel Site License for Microsoft Office cannot be installed in Non-Citadel computers.

When a department at The Citadel acquires software; the Software Licensing Manager is responsible for reading and adhering to the terms of the license agreement and preventing unauthorized use. Supervisors shall ensure that employees and other persons having access are advised of restrictions and do not make unauthorized copies or install software impermissibly. Software purchased by departments is the responsibility of the individual and will not be supported by IT staff. The Citadel ITS Technical Support Department will assist you with any questions regarding licensing issues and possible installation of the software.

If there is an issue involving the installation of the software, ITS will make a good faith effort to guide the user to a solution. Neither The Citadel nor ITS can be held accountable for any damage, loss of data or time spent due to any software whether installed by our technician or yourself.