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5 May 2012

South Carolina Corps of Cadets Legacies

Oliver the first African-Amerian woman in Corps to take part in legacy tradition

Kelly Oliver was happy to graduate May 5 with a degree in electrical engineering and to receive her diploma from her father, a 1982 Citadel graduate. That she goes down in the history books as the first African-American woman to receive her diploma from her father is icing on the cake.

“It was a significant accomplishment in my life to get my diploma,” she said. “To have my dad there was the greatest feeling in the world. To have this milestone at my alma mater is amazing too.”

Kelly Oliver, '11, received her diploma from her father, Andrew Oliver, '82. According to registrar records, she is the first African-American woman from the Corps of Cadets to receive her diploma from her father.

Oliver, Class of 2011 and a member of the Regimental Band and Pipes Company, took an extra year to finish her engineering degree. She walked the commencement stage in 2012 in what turned out to be fortuitous situation.

“Had I graduated last year my dad would not have been able to be there,” she said.

Andrew Oliver, who also received his master's degree in elementary education from The Citadel, suffered a stroke last year that resulted in kidney failure and left him legally blind. In a wheelchair when the Class of 2011 graduated, he said his health would not have permitted him to present his daughter her diploma a year ago. With some assistance this year, he proudly stood center stage when Kelly was called to graduate.

“I was proud,” he said. “I was very happy for her and that she persevered.”

A long-time Citadel tradition, graduates of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets are given the opportunity to present diplomas to their children when they graduate from the Corps. Fathers and grandfathers have participated in the legacy tradition for many years. In future years women that have graduated from the Corps will have the opportunity to present diplomas to their sons and daughters. This year 38 cadets received diplomas as legacies.

During her fifth year to complete her engineering degree, Oliver helped with her father’s recovery, including driving him to and from doctors' appointments. In some ways, she is glad it took her an extra year to earn her diploma. 

“He would not have been able to be there with me last year,” she said. “It was the most amazing feeling in the world to have him there with me this year.”

This year's cadet legacies are:




Preston Lowrance Bailey Colin Lowrance Bailey, '82  

Michael Patrick Barnhill

William A. Wieters, '75  
Daniel Edward Bedenbaugh Timothy L. Bedenbaugh, '81  
Brett Andrew Collins Brooks Collins, '84  
Paul Patrick Dennison Larry E. Dennison, '80  
John Rogers Dominey Roger Dominey, '79 Peter W. Zervos, '56
Shaun Michael Dunphy Brian P. Dunphy, '86  
Matthew Ryan Fann James L. Fann, '86  
Zackary Tyler Garrison Garry D. Garrison, '75  
Jason Wilkes Green Eric Bryan Green, '83 Anrold E. Green, '55 (deceased)
Richard Ballenger Harris III Richard B. Harris, Jr., '81  
William Baker Horlbeck Cmdr. John W. Horlbeck, USNR, Retired, '77  
Robert Lawson Horner Jr. Robert L. Horner, '82 Ronald E. Jenkins, '56
James Coley Hough Anthony L. Hough, '84  
Christopher David Huff Jr.   Col. Tony Von Kolnitz USAFR, Retired, '61
James Joseph Hurton James A. Hurton, '86  
James Legrand Inabnett   Frank J. Caple, Jr., '60
Richard Haddon Kellahan Richard H. Kellahan, Jr., '71  
Michael Steven LaVoie Cmdr Steven Felix LaVoie, USN, Retired, '85  
William Jasper Lucas   Maitland Soutter Chase III, '60
Christopher Michael Maino Robert M. Maino, '86  
Matthew Robert McGuirk Martin J. McGuirk, '86  
Thomas Ritchie McQueeney F. Ritchie McQueeney, '78  
Matthew Barry Moser William M. Moser, '78  
Scott Thomas Murdock Mike Murdock, '76  
Kelly Marie Oliver Andrew S. Oliver, '82  
John Edward Povelones IV Lt. Col. John Povelones III, USAF, Retired, '84  
Sean Martin Reardon Martin D. Reardon, '79  
Patrick Huntley Riley Michael J. Riley, '77  
James Brunson Rogers James L. Rogers, '82  
Charlton Aaron Rustin Dowse D. Rustin, '62  
Courtney Aileen Saward Richard A. Saward, '80  
Christopher Robin Scott Michael A. Scott, '86  
Edwin Craig Stephins III Edwin C. Stephens Jr., '75  
Matthew Robert Tamburrino Paul R. Tamburrino, '89  
Christopher Daniel von Lehe

John A. von Lehe, '87 (deceased)
Dr. Diedreich P. von Lehe, '55, presenting

Dr. August Charles von Lehe, '42 (deceased)
William Winslow Welch Edward Winslow Welch, '73  
Menon Christopher Whitsitt John R. Whitsitt, '69  
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