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Classroom Technology

The Citadel has over 130 multimedia-equipped rooms on campus, with about 110 of these rooms being academic classrooms and computer labs. The ITS Department works closely with the other departments on campus to determine academic technology needs and to assist with installation and support.

2011-2012 Computer Lab Renovations

Over the 2011-2012 Winter Break, the four computer labs in Bond Hall were completely renovated. The rooms were repainted, new carpet was laid down, and new furniture was installed. The computers were upgraded and new short-distance projectors were installed.

During the summer of 2012, several more labs were renovated. This includes four barracks labs, two labs and one classroom in Capers Hall, one computer lab in Grimsley Hall, and one computer lab in Letellier Hall.

The new short-distance projectors are an exciting addition to the labs. Not only do they allow the presenter to face the audience without being blinded by the projector, they also prevent the presenter's shadow from blocking the screen.

Another new ability provided by these projectors is the ability to project wirelessly from a laptop, or from any other computer, without having to connect with bulky cabling. This feature allows up to four different computers to be viewed at one time. This feature also allows presentations from mobile devices, such as iPhones or iPads, to be displayed.

The new projectors also come with interactive pens. When these pens are used in conjunction with the special whiteboard software, the presenters are able to "write" on the board and then save the notes as a file that can be sent to the students for further review.

For more information about this exciting technology, please watch the video below.



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