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Citadel News Service
27 Mar 2013

Class of 2014 rising leadership announced

The Commandant of Cadets has designated commanders, regimental staff, sergeants major and first sergeants for the Class of 2014. A final promotion order will be published in the fall.

Regimental Staff

Regimental Commander Collin Hicks
Regimental Executive Officer Lee Moody
Honor Chairman Preston Hipps
Regimental Academic Officer Joseph Cathy
Regimental Adjutant Ziaire O'Brien
Regimental Provost Marshall Philip Jordan
Regimental Operations Officer Samuel Seigler
Regimental Supply Officer Faliesha Yeager
Regimental Public Affairs Officer Nolan Moore
Regimental ITS Officer Shaun Ketner
Honor Vice Chairman-Education Kyle Hawks
Vice Chair for Investigations Matthew Bernard
Regimental Religious Officer Sarah Katchen
Regt Human Affairs Officer Benjamin Thompson
Regimental Athletic Officer Alfreida Salkey
Regimental Activities Officer David Giammarella
Regimental Recruiting Officer Daniel Howell
Regimental Sergeant Major John Brosch
Regimental Admin NCO Robert Couseillant
Regimental Operations NCO YoungGun Kim
Regimental Supply NCO Alexander Berman
Regimental Provost NCO Tyler Mitchell
Regimental Human Affairs NCO Tanner Jameson
Regimental Public Affairs NCO Garrett Waeckerle
Regimental Recruiting NCO Logan Morris
Regimental Athletic NCO Kellie Anderson
Regimental Activities NCO Evin Fowler

Regimental Band

BD Company Commander Tyler Heffernan
BD Company First Sergeant Samuel Huntington

First Battalion

Battalion Commander Daniel Smith
Battalion SGM Savannah Emmrich
A Company Commander Mason Ackerman
A Company First Sergeant Christopher Borin
B Company Commander Joshua Funderburk
B Company First Sergeant Charles Nause
C Company Commander Edwin Jordan
C Company First Sergeant Chance Baker
D Company Commander Eric Benfield
D Company First Sergeant Ryan Branch

Second Battalion

Battalion Commander Robert Algard
Battalion SGM Drew DeBruhl
E Company Commander Nicholas Matyuf
E Company First Sergeant Wesley Oellerich
F Company Commander Evan Gresham
F Company First Sergeant Jacob Pues
G Company Commander Joseph Schiano
G Company First Sergeant Brian Griffin
H Company Commander Thomas Hindman
H Company First Sergeant Keith Lemay

Third Battalion

Battalion Commander Austin May
Battalion SGM Zachary Taylor
I Company Commander William Andrews
I Company First Sergeant Brittany Crocker
K Company Commander Khalil Khoury
K Company First Sergeant Stanley Getz
L Company Commander Phillip Martin
L Company First Sergeant Rhett Oliver
M Company Commander Pierre Joyner
M Company First Sergeant David Kerkhoff

Fourth Battalion

Battalion Commander Ashten Byrne
Battalion SGM Kevin Lowring
N Company Commander James Stone
N Company First Sergeant Colt Kirkpatrick
O Company Commander Jacob Reeder
O Company First Sergeant Peter Klimek
R Company Commander Garrett Cole
R Company First Sergeant Grace Raines
T Company Commander Jack Russell
T Company First Sergeant Nelson Moorhead

Fifth Battalion

Battalion Commander Ryan Traster
Battalion SGM Carson Smith
P Company Commander Maxime Curioz
P Company First Sergeant Margaret Lariviere
PB Commander Michael Perrone
PB First Sergeant Ryan Cass
S Company Commander Matthew Arend
S Company First Sergeant Eric Davis
V Company Commander Regis Bigness
V Company First Sergeant Anthony Uriarte

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