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Attendance and Class Absence System

The cornerstone of undergraduate education is communication between the teacher and the learner, and at The Citadel, class attendance is mandatory. Students may, however, need to miss class for authorized reasons—athletic events, academic travel, special ceremonies, guard duty, etc. Illness and personal emergencies may also cause students to be absent for legitimate reasons.

Should it be necessary to miss a class for any reason, the student will, unless circumstances preclude it, notify the professor in advance and will be responsible for any material missed. Tests and labs are critically important and are scheduled well in advance; therefore, it is imperative that these are missed only due to circumstances beyond the control of the student and that the student notify the instructor, when missing a test or lab cannot be avoided.

Absences, whether excused or unexcused and in excess of 20% of the class meetings can, at the discretion of the professor, result in a grade of F in the course. For these reasons, it is imperative that cadets check their email daily for any absence notification. Sometimes, cadets are marked absent in error because:

1. The cadet came late to class, and the roll had already been taken. In this case, the cadet should always check with the professor after class to make sure the attendance is correct.

2. The professor marks the wrong name as absent. In this case, the cadet should immediately contact the professor to ensure that the attendance record is corrected. (Dated notes provide excellent evidence of attendance.) Then cadets have seven (7) days to contact their Academic Officers who will ask the TAC to delete the absence. Remember, cadets only have seven (7) days to correct an absence!

If a cadet withdraws or drops a class, the cadet must attend all class meetings of the withdrawn or dropped class, until all signatures have been submitted to the Registrar, and the class schedule has been corrected. If a cadet fails to go to a withdrawn or dropped class, these absences are not excused. It is the responsibility of the cadet to follow the proper Withdrawal and/or Drop/Add procedures. If a cadet is failing or not doing well in a class, the cadet must continue to attend class. Missing class because of a low grade is not excused.

When the number of unexcused absences reaches 5, the students and their parents will be issued a warning by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs that continued disregard of the class absence policy (10 or more absences) will result in academic discharge.

When the number of unexcused absences reaches 10, the cadet will receive an Academic Discharge for the following semester.

For more detailed information on the Class Absence System Policies and Procedures, please review the following documents:

Accessing Class Absences

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