The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina


Schiller Science Initiative

In 1999, The Citadel established the Schiller Science Initiative made possible by a $500,000 endowment from Dr. Harvey W. Schiller, class of 1960. The purpose of this endowment was to modernize the laboratory facilities; and, to upgrade the instrument holdings in the Department of Chemistry as a means of attracting top caliber students and faculty to The Citadel.

Over the past three years, the Schiller Science Initiative has been instrumental in modernizing the freshman laboratories from the more relaxed safety standards of the 1960's when they were built, to the more rigid safety standards set in the 1990's. Included in this modernization was basic instrumentation so that students will be working with equipment that is used in both academic and industrial research settings. Additionally, to meet new American Chemical Society standards, we were able to renovate and equip a new Biochemistry laboratory. As a direct result of the Schiller Science Initiative, the students who are taking classes in Byrd Hall now have access to modern laboratory facilities.

The Schiller Science Initiative has also been pivotal in upgrading the instrument holding in the department. This was accomplished by using the endowment itself to purchase new capital equipment; or, by using the endowment as a source of matching funds for external grants to obtain this equipment. Over the past three years, we have obtained a variety of modern instrumentation, which can be accessed using the following link (Instruments). The net result of these upgrades is that we have been successful in attracting dynamic faculty who want to work with students on research problems, more research projects that result in students and more faculty making regional and national presentations; and, 100% of the advanced chemistry students are obtaining instruction on equipment that they will encounter in either industry or graduate school.

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