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Gold Star Journal

The sixteenth edition of The Gold Star Journal was published for Corps Day, 2012. It featured cross-disciplinary nonfiction papers written by Matthew E. Selmasska (2012), Franklin S. McGuire, Jr. (2014), Lance C. Braye (2013), Jane Ma (2015), John J. Riser (2012), Christian V. Jack (2012), and Robert P. Keener, III (2014). The editors were: Mark G. Shaw (2012, Civil and Environmental Engineering), Lance C. Braye (2013, Biology), Stiles M. Harper (2013, Biology), and Ryan J. Boodee (2014, Physics). The Gold Star Journal is available online at Dr. Suzanne T. Mabrouk serves as the advisor. The Gold Star Journal is funded by donations to The Gold Star Journal Account through The Citadel Foundation.

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