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Chaplain's Weekly Devotional

"True to the Corps" - A Chaplain's Thoughts on "New Beginnings"

Week of August 18-25, 2013

        Well, for about 780 young men and women, this coming week is definitely one of new beginnings as the Class of 2017 moves from high school to college and for many if not most from a life of “Yawn, wake me in a hour, Mom” to getting up at “O-dark thirty.” By the way I learned myself FORTY-FIVE years ago that the “O” stands for “Oh my God – it’s still dark out!” Oddly enough that bit of change is a lot like …well, turning on a light bulb.

        It was 2 am (0200) and Thomas Edison was feverishly working in his laboratory on yet another filament for his incandescent light bulb when an assistant came into the room and noticed that the inventor was smiling broadly. "So you’ve solved the problem, Mr. Edison?" he asked. "No," replied Edison, "but at least NOW I know that I can stop this experiment and start over." Change, - it’s one of life’s great constants. People change, relationships change, jobs change, indeed life itself is one long process of change. Some people dream of change and see it as opportunity, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. For others, it’s threatening and something to be avoided. When faced with life’s changes it’s good to remember that the bible teaches two great truths about change.

        The first is that despite the changing world around us, GOD is change-LESS and therefore dependable. The second truth is that the key to surviving EXTERNAL changes is to first experience an INTERNAL change - the change that comes from a life given over to God. As the Apostle wrote to a church living in the very heart of cataclysmic change in Rome reminding them that “we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” When the heart is at peace, the lights can go out around us but we don’t have to fear the darkness...the master inventor may just be helping us start over.

I’m Chaplain Joel Harris praying you have a “Grace Day.”