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Mentor Association Testimonials

Mr. Edward McKenna, is a mentor who has invested in me, my personal growth, and my success. I find that he is a driving force regarding my learning, academic and professional growth, and achieving my goals. As President of EHM Business Research, a specialty consulting firm; a previous Global Managing Director, of the Business Research Group; and 20 years with BASF Mr. McKenna has had incredible opportunities and experience, which he is able to recall and apply to mentoring me. I am particularly interested in international business and with Mr. McKenna's experience as a Global Marketing Manager in Brussels, a senior manager for BASF in Hong Kong with efforts in 14 other Asia-Pacific countries, he has been a wealth of knowledge and incredible inspiration. Additionally Mr. McKenna attained his MBA in Finance/International Business, which is important to me because he is able to relate to the hurtles that I face while in graduate school. Additionally, I find his wife Maretta also fascinating to speak with. I have meet with both Mr. and Mrs. McKenna and her knowledge of travel and working with NGOs abroad is outstanding. I am very grateful to both Mr. and Mrs. McKenna for their continued support, advice, and friendship.

Happy Mentor's Day Mr. McKenna and know that you are appreciated.

Very Warmly,

Cassandra Thomas


The opportunity to meet someone that had already taken the road that I was about to set off upon was a phenomenal experience that gave me the benefits of 20/20 hindsight before I had taken my first real steps and well before I had to learn those first lessons the hard way. I was able to understand my own aspirations through the lens of decades of experience that was offered in a positive way with an uplifting outlook. My mentor, Ray Johnson, had "been there and done that" and he was able to offer insight about the true reality of the working world. The time that I saved not having to pursue dead end avenues has afforded me significant success at an early age and I would recommend the mentor program to all cadets, regardless of age. The lessons learn in this program are often best learned by those who are just starting out. Something done today is guaranteed, Something to be done tomorrow may never be.

Thank you,

Jay Wallace

I've been blessed with the opportunity of getting to know my MBA mentor, Steve Kohlhagen, over the past two years. The Citadel's Mentor Association did an outstanding job pairing our interests and career paths together. He has been an indispensable asset in helping me to develop my business acumen and discover my long-term "ultimate objective", as he refers to it. Overall, Steve and I have become great friends and I am incredibly grateful for his guidance.


Tim Slechta


I would like to take a moment, (which is not nearly enough time) to tell you about a very special man. His name is Bill Schupp. I was blessed to become introduced with Bill last spring and have had the opportunity to meet with him weekly and have developed a very special relationship which will always be near and dear to my heart. Bill is the definition of a southern gentleman and emulates classic chivalry. From greeting every person who walks by, to standing to open doors when he sees a women approaching, his grace never ceases to amaze me. Alongside his courtesies he is unusually generous in all aspects and selflessly donates his knowledge, energy and time to anyone and everyone who crosses his path. For the past year he has been a superior mentor but also so much more than that; he has been a teacher, a coach, a friend, a voice of reason, a person to trust and family when I didn’t have any. I don’t know how I became so lucky to have been placed with Bill through the mentoring program but I can tell you I thank God every day to have brought this incredible person into my life. I know that not everyone is as blessed as I am to have a Bill in their life, so I make a promise to be a mentor to someone else and bestow all of the wisdom and kindness that he has given me, onto someone else. As I said earlier, a moment is not enough time to thank you for everything Bill has given me but hopefully others will help to acknowledge what a blessing our mentors really are.

Cassie Palmacci


Through deep, thought provoking discussions covering the gamut of leadership obstacles faced by Citadel Cadets to simpler discussions about our favorite books, my mentor, Mr. Bill Raver, has had a profoundly positive impact on my experience as the Commander of a Cadet Company at The Citadel. His selfless devotion of his precious time and effort to my moral, personal, and professional development has aided my growth as a human being and a leader in more ways than I will ever be able to articulate with words alone. Whether it is days or decades from now, I hope to have the opportunity to convey some of the newfound wisdom that Mr. Raver has so generously bestowed upon me to another rising leader craving for advice and direction. My deepest thanks go out to you, Mr. Raver. Your guidance has been more valuable than you know, and it is not something that I will soon forget.

Cadet Matt Myers

The Citadel, Class of 2013

Although I have only had a mentor since October, I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge and praise my mentor, Pamela Zaresk. In the past three months, we have grown a strong bond by doing everything from attending Charleston Women In Trade (CWIT) events to having nice dinners, and even walking the bridge. Pam is such a strong and motivated individual and has been such an amazing role model for me while I am going through the phase of finishing my masters degree and figuring out my next steps in life. From the beginning, she has greeted me with open arms and is always willing to meet, whether it be discussing her impressive career path or being a listening ear while I practice a class presentation. Her positive attitude and outgoing personality have helped her become such a successful and independent woman and are also the reason why she is an inspiration to not only me, but everyone around her.

Through Pam's guidance and effective mentorship, I have not only gained valuable lessons and experience, but have also learned the importance of having effective mentors in life. For now, I am saying thank you to my wonderful mentor but in the future, I plan to serve as the same inspiring mentor to someone else as Pam has illustrated to me.


Katherine M. Edwards

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