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Citadel News Service
6 Apr 2011

Corps of Cadets' 2012 leadership selected by commandant

Commandant of Cadet Col. Leo Mercado, USMC retired, has announced the top cadet leadership for the 2011-2012 academic school year.

This list includes the regimental commander, regimental staff, battalion and company commanders as well as sergeants major and first sergeants. The cadets are rising juniors and seniors and will assume command and leadership responsibility for the South Carolina Corps of Cadets during the May 6 Long Gray Line dress parade. 

Regimental Staff

Regimental Commander – Matthew Collier
Regimental XO – Jason Snipes
Honor Chairman – Ryan Schieber
Regimental Academic Officer – Matthew Selmasska
Regimental Adjutant – Jeffrey Hill
Regimental Provost Marshall – Manuel Camargo
Regimental Operations Officer – Jonathon Hunt
Regimental Supply Officer – Kristofer Small
Regimental Public Affairs Officer – Anthony McCollum
Regimental ITS Officer – Matthew Herold
Honor Vice Chairman-Education – Brian Leistler
Honor Vice Chair for Investigations – Robert Hodges
Regimental Religious Officer – Trevor Currin
Regimental Human Affairs Officer – Mary Bennett
Regimental Athletic Officer –  Matthew Janikula
Regimental Activities Officer – Kyle Hardester
Regimental Recruiting Officer –  Zachary Elwood
Regimental Sergeant Major – Thomas Jordan
Regimental Admin NCO – Wei-Fang Liu
Regimental Operations NCO – Matthew Holliday
Regimental Supply NCO – David Mast
Regimental Provost NCO – Michael Whelan
Regimental Human Affairs NCO – Chelsea Marsh
Regimental Public Affairs NCO – Jason Lee
Regimental Recruiting NCO – Robert Brannan
Regimental Athletic NCO – Michael Shore
Regimental Activities NCO – Joshua Wright

Regimental Band
Commander – Robert Roberson
First Sergeant – Matthew Myers

1st Battalion
Battalion Commander – Andrew Rowell
Battalion Sergeant Major –  Patrick Nugent

Alpha Company
Commander – William Northcutt
First Sergeant – Stiles Harper

Bravo Company
Commander – Timothy Fischer
First Sergeant – Jason Mag

Charlie Company
Commander – Ellison Glenn
First Sergeant – Benjamin Hall

Delta Company
Commander – Franklin Settle
First Sergeant – Michael Sparks

2nd Battalion
Commander – Caleb Bowers
Battalion Sergeant Major – Michael Hagan

Echo Company
Commander – Alex Yurchak
First Sergeant –  Patrick Buhler

Foxtrot Company
Commander – Matthew Moser
First Sergeant – Djordon Porter

Golf Company
Commander – Mark Shaw
First Sergeant – Austin Gray

Hotel Company
Commander – Spencer Mellon
First Sergeant – Steven Weippert

3rd Battalion
Commander – Edwin Stephens
Battalion Sergeant Major – Chad Johnson

India Company
Commander – Thomas Starnes
First Sergeant – Stephen Smith

Kilo Company
Commander – Lucas Wren
First Sergeant – Zachary Sanders

Lima Company
Commander – Eric Aragone
First Sergeant – Don Simmons

Mike Company
Commander – Palmer Stokes
First Sergeant – Mikel Santiago

4th Battalion
Commander – Noah Miller
Battalion Sergeant Major – Casey Stabile

November Company
Commander – Cole Matthews
First Sergeant – William Mims

Oscar Company
Commander – Gregory Smith
First Sergeant – Brian Hill

Romeo Company
Commander – Alexander Morgan
First Sergeant – Tobias Hyman

Tango Company
Commander – Collin Alexander
First Sergeant – Trent Purcell

5th Battalion
Commander–  Charlotte Perrott
Battalion Sergeant Major – Andrew Pease

Papa Company
Commander – Richard Owen
First Sergeant – Michael Lucky

Palmetto Battery
Commander – Charles Smith
First Sergeant – Christopher Aultman

Sierra Company
Commander – Chirstopher Gamble
First Sergeant – Lance Braye

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