The Citadel

The Military College of South Carolina

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Honor Manual


SECTION I — The Cadet Honor System
1. The Honor Manual
2. The Cadet Honor System

SECTION II — Definitions
3. Definitions

SECTION III — The Cadet Honor Code
4. The Honor Manual
5. The Cadet Honor System
6. Persons Subject to the Honor Code
7. Ignorance No Defense

SECTION IV — The Honor Committee
8. Members of the Honor Committee
9. Selection of Honor Representatives
10. Vacancies
11. Duties of the Honor Committee
12. Honor Committee Officers and their Selection
13. Duties of the Honor Committee Officers

SECTION V — The Honor Court
14. The Honor Court
15. Composition of the Honor Court for Trial Purposes
16. Members Disqualified
17. Rights of an Accused
18. Faculty Advisor to the Honor Committee
19. Open and Closed Sessions
20. Voting in Closed Court
21. Accused May Request Classmate

SECTION VI — Honor Court Procedures
22. Officers of the Honor Court
23. Order of Pre-Trial Procedure
24. Reporting a Violation
25. Action by the Honor Representative
26. Action by the Chair
27. Action by the Investigating Committee and Rules of Evidence
28. Investigating Subcommittee to be Trial Counsel
29. Duties of Members of the Honor Court
30. Voting
31. Challenges for Cause
32. Findings
33. Announcing the Findings
34. Action in Case of Findings of Not Guilty
35. Action in Case of Findings of Guilty
36. Appeals

SECTION VII — Amendments and Changes

37. Amendments to the Honor System
38. Other Rules and Regulations

SECTION VIII — Questions and Answers
Paragraphs 39-60

SECTION IX — Case Examples
Paragraphs 61-70

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