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Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway


What is a principled entrepreneur and why are they so important?


Are you an innovator? Do you see things in a way no one else seems to see them? Are you are good at putting together a plan of action to tackle difficult problems quickly? If these qualities sound like you, then look at the benefits the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway has to offer. Principled entrepreneurship is not just for students who would like to own their own business someday. Principled Entrepreneurship is for students who want to learn how to think outside the box and develop a state of mind about innovation. Forging that path within any industry on principles and strong ethics takes a foundation of steel. The Tommy & Victoria Baker School of Business has created that very foundation with the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway. Based in the strong roots of The Citadel’s Principled Leadership, an entrepreneur of today must not only be fluent in business management. Entrepreneurs need to have a well-rounded knowledge of various aspects of business, and The Citadel is able to meet that need with the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway with possible electives of commercial law, human resource management, relationship marketing and emerging technologies.

The School of Business Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway guides students to explore the many career opportunities available in entrepreneurship by exposing them to the benefits as well as the pitfalls. Students pursuing the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway are encouraged to join and explore networking opportunities made available through the program.


What can I do with a career in principled entrepreneurship?

Whether you would like your focus to be on the starting your own business venture, designing a new product for another company or devising military tactical plans, the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway helps broaden the skills you will need to interact effectively in any industry where innovation is key. What you do is often not as important as how you do it. Whether you dream of being a CEO leading an existing company down a new path to reach larger goals or you want to begin your own business making a product you have designed, becoming a principled entrepreneur will provide you with the skills to get where you want to be.

If you would like more details about the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway,
please click the following links for printable summary and course planning information:

Principled Entrepreneurship Pathway Overview

Principled Entrepreneurship Academic Process Map

Professional Pathway Declaration


business_bowl_logo_small_2You may want to check out the opportunities available to entrepreneurs that encourage new process creation in any industry through or, a startup accelerator with the largest ever global startup competition, What is the MassChallenge?.

An intriguing addition for entrepreneurial students at The Citadel is the Bulldog Business Bowl, a program aimed at budding entrepreneurs who have an idea for a new product or service, and a desire to turn that idea into a business. It's open to cadets, evening undergraduate students, and graduate students.

Students curious about the pay an entrepreneur will earn should spend the time to research the type of industry they would like to pursue and spend much time speaking with current entrepreneurs in that field. For entrepreneurs, the sky is the limit on what your salary will be. However, to do well, entrepreneurs must work hard, have diligence, patience and the ability to adapt with ever changing circumstances.


For more details about the Principled Entrepreneurship Professional Pathway, contact Dr. Russell Sobel:
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