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As the world continues to accelerate in the use of video to share stories, it is more important than ever to incorporate proper use of The Citadel brand assets and to film following videography best practices.

OCM should review all videos before they are shown to external audiences. OCM also provides advice on how to shoot, edit and manage videos.  Here are a few tips for video production:

  1. Keep the message short and engaging (two to three minutes maximum, unless you are recording for archival purposes). Think like your audience; what will interest them?

  2. Shoot as though it is for a news cast. Record in 10-second sections that can be more easily edited together.

  3. Try not to pan (rotate) the camera; take still shots.

  4. Avoid zooming unless your equipment is state-of-the-art and zooming in/out can be done smoothly.

  5. Keep titles and text short. Use headlines that are easy to search in laymen’s terms.

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