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Powerpoint Templates


The college's PowerPoint template includes tThe Citadel's official wordmark. This logo may be replaced with another appropriate logo (as determined here). For a template with alternate logo, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Avoid using fonts smaller than thirty-two point
Avoid using all caps (except in titles)
Use sans serif fonts (official sans serif font of the college is Calibri)

Limit the length of text in slides:
Use text as "guideposts;" avoid the tendency to put every detail on your slide. People tend to read whatever is on the screen. If there's a lot of information, they'll read ahead instead of listening to your presentation. It is the speaker's role to give the details.

Click a template graphic below to open in Microsoft Powerpoint

cit-navy-4_3-1   cit navy 16_9-1


Standard Screen Format (4:3)


Widescreen Format (16:9)

175th Anniversary PowerPoint Templates

citadel-175-4_3   citadel-175-16_9


Standard Screen Format (4:3)


Widescreen Format (16:9)

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