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Accelerated MAT Biology

Scholarships to Become a Certified Biology Teacher

For more Information try these links: Accelerated MAT Degrees at The Citadel, CGC Catalog, Request More Information About Graduate Programs

Course Requirements for Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching - Biology

Prerequisite: Human Growth and Development - PSYC 500 (or verifiable undergraduate preparation in psychology).

Biology Content Area Required Courses
Note: At least 3 of the course requirements listed below must be successfully completed on the graduate level.
ANTH 201 or ANTH202 or ANTH501
1 course
Biology Survey
BIOL 101 with BIOL 111 and BIOL 102 with BIOL 112 or BIOL 130 with BIOL 131 and BIOL 140 and BIOL 141
2 courses
Cell Biology with lab
BIOL 205 or BIOL 612
1 course
Chemistry with lab
CHEM 103 with CHEM 113 and CHEM 104 with CHEM 114 or CHEM 151 with CHEM 161 and CHEM 152 with CHEM 162
2 courses
Ecology with lab
BIOL 406 or BIOL 506
1 course
BIOL 208 or BIOL 601
1 course
Genetics with lab
BIOL 308 or BIOL 508
1 course
Geology with lab
GEOL 201 and 211, GEOL 202 and 212
1 course for High School Certification
2 courses recommended for Middle School Certification
Anatomy/Physiology with lab
BIOL 403 or BIOL 414 or
BIOL 502 or BIOL 317 with
327 or BIOL 318 with
BIOL 328
1 course
Introduction to Physics with lab
PHYS 203 and PHYS 253
or PHYS 204 and PHYS
254 or PHYS 221 and
PHYS 271 or PHYS 222
and PHYS 272
1 course is required, 2 are recommended
Microbiology with lab
BIOL 290 or BIOL 607
1 course
Biology Methods Select 1 from the following:
BIOL 605- Laboratory Methods in Biology
BIOL 606- Field Methods in Biology
BIOL 609- Seminar in Environmental Science

Required Education Courses:

Integrative Foundations and Teaching in American Education

Integrative Educational Psychology and the Exceptional Child

Teaching Reading and Writing in Middle School and High School Content Areas through Applied Research

Professional Internship


EDUC 540

EDUC 541
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