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Pre-Health Professions Committee - The Citadel

The Pre-Health Professions Committee of The Citadel assesses a student's readiness for a particular graduate program in a health-related profession, and writes a consensus letter of recommendation to send on behalf of the student. 

A letter from the Pre-Health Professions Committee of The Citadel is not usually required for application to an education program in the Health Professions, but it is esteemed by most schools.  The committee recommendation is made in the following manner:

Each student meets with the Pre-Health Advisor to select 5 faculty members who might be able to provide positive evaluations of the student as a pre-med/pre-dental candidate.  The student requests those 5 professors to write a letter of recommendation and fill out an evaluation form and return both to the Pre-Health Advisor.  Upon completion and return of all 5 letters and forms to the Chair of the Pre-Health Professions Committee, the results of the evaluations are tallied and reported on a confidential summary evaluation form.  The members of the Pre-Health Professions Committee then meet, consider the evaluations from the faculty members, discuss the student’s abilities, and personally evaluate the student.  The Chair of the committee then drafts a letter to make the committee’s recommendation to the medical, dental or other health profession school.  The committee letter will indicate a recommendation level: enthusiastically, with confidence, recommended, with reservations, or not recommended.  Committee letters include a summary explaining the committee’s recommendation and may also include written comments from the individual evaluators.

Pre-Health Professions Committee (2017-2018)

Dr. Kathy Zanin, Pre-Health Advisor (Associate Professor, Biology)
Dr. John Weinstein (Professor and Biology Department Chair)
Dr. Dena Garner (Professor, Health, Exercise and Sports Science)
Dr. Lisa Zuraw (Professor, Chemistry Department)
Dr. Claudia Rocha (Associate Professor, Biology)
Dr. Sarah Imam (Assistant Professor, Health, Exercise and Sports Science)
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