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Pre-Health Information
The Pre-Health Advisor is:
Dr. Kathy Zanin
Bond 322
Office 953-7077
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
*Please notify Dr. Zanin of any problems with this web page.
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Click Here to See Upcoming Events for pre-health students.   The Pre-Health Society at The Citadel is an active student organization for cadets who want to prepare for Medical, Dental, or other Health-Related Professions. You may also "like" our Facebook Page to get electronic notifications of opportunities, events and Pre-Health Society meetings via your Facebook newsfeed:
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Please scroll down, or choose the following links if you need information concerning pre-requisites, becoming an MD physician, becoming a DO physician, veterinary, dental, optometry, pharmacy, public health , podiatry, medical billing and coding or other health-related professional schools. The following web sites will provide you with information concerning these various health professions and what you will need to get in. Additional information is provided in two locations on campus: The third floor corridor of Duckett Hall houses a bookcase full of Pre-Health Information, and the third floor corridor of Bond Hall houses a bulletin board posted with important notifications and information. Apply early; many schools use rolling admissions, meaning that the earlier you apply, the better your chance of being accepted.
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Suggested Resume Template, by Nicholas Slater
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Prepare for Interviews:
Practice your Interview via the Career Center: Look under Online Resources for "Interview Stream"
Learn about the interview questions used by various schools. Choose a school, under "Interview Feedback" choose "View Survey Results" then scroll down to the bottom of the survey data and choose "Questions"
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Writing a Personal Statement:
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Letters of Recommendation:
Pre-Health Professions Committee: Requesting Letters from Pre-Health Committee or from other Referees
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Volunteer and Enrichment Opportunities for now or for a "Gap" year after graduation:
Volunteer at MUSC Hospital - Applications open January 1st of each year. Apply early. A limited number are added each year.
Master of Science in Medical Sciences at MUSC - one year program designed to prepare students for Medical, Dental, and other Professional Schools
Pre-Health Mentorship Program NEW: find a health professional to serve as your mentor.
SCRUBS Healthcare Mentor Program at Roper Hospital in Charleston
Biomedical Research at NIH (after graduation)
Volunteer at SCDDSN Coastal Center, a residential facility serving persons with disabilities and special needs. 9995 Miles Jamison Rd., Ladson, SC, 29485; (843) 873-5750
Earn a Masters Degree in Medical Science in one year. - this is just one example, other such Masters Programs exist all over the coutry; to find others, simple do an internet search for "Master in Medical Science"
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Enrichment Opportunities Abroad
Project Okurase: scroll down 
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Learn Which Profession is Right for You:
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Scholarship Opportunities
HPSP Army Scholarships: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 843-577-3425, more information
Sherry R. Arnstein Minority Student Scholarship Osteopathic Medical School Scholarship for African-American; Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian; mainland Puerto Rican, or Hispanic Students
Indian Health Service Scholarship Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives provides financial support in exchange for a minimum two-year service commitment within an Indian health program in your chosen health professional discipline.
NHSC Scholarship Program Non-military scholarships for health-professional students who want to go into primary care and are willing to serve in a high-need community
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Programs for Disadvantaged Students:
Summer Medical and Dental Education Program - increase your chance of acceptance with this free program
Fossil Energy Research Internships for females and minorities
MUSC's SM3 Program: Pre-Health Mentors for Minorities
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Science and Math Pre-Requisites to Take Before Applying:
Most medical schools require or recommend the following undergraduate science and math courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Calculus, and Biochemistry. Some additional coursework may be required for some medical schools; check with each school to get its exact list of prerequisites.
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Post-Baccalaureate Programs offer students who were able to complete all prerequisites in college the opportunity to take the required science courses prior to applying to medical school or to other Pre-Health Graduate Programs. Graduates of Post-Baccalaureate Programs typically enjoy high success in Medical School admissions. You can search available programs by various criteria at this AAMC web site: Search Postbac ProgramsAlso, if you want to be enlisted in the military, this is a good optionEnlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program (EMDP2) 

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Pre-Medical Information
The AAMC's "Pre-med Navigator" is a monthly e-newsletter that includes information, resources, tips, and important dates for pre-meds. 
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Medical School to become an MD physician (Allopathic Medicine):
Association of American Medical Colleges (see "Medical Schools" in left hand column for detailed information concerning medical schools in each state)
Good news for Citadel Cadets: The MUSC College Of Medicine Admissions committee uses the Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges competitiveness rankings of undergraduate schools to adjust applicants’ undergraduate GPA. The Citadel is ranked as a ‘competitive school’ so graduates receive a GPA boost of .19. Graduates of The Citadel Honors College receive a GPA ‘boost’ of .34 to their overall GPA.
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Medical School to become a DO physician (Osteopathic):
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International Medical Schools: Listed below are International Medical Schools whose graduates are eligible to be licensed to practice medicine in all 50 states and that qualify for Federal Student Aid
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Other Medical School Information:
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MCAT Preparation:
Please note that beginning in 2015, the MCAT will place more emphasis on Psychology and Sociology and has a new score scale
MCAT (registration information, purchase practice tests, etc.)
Free MCAT Prep from Khan Academy - There are 4 links to various types of practice questions at the top, and below that are links to lectures on the various “Foundational Concepts”
ExamKrackers (50% off with valid military ID)
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Pre-Dental Information:
ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools contains requirements and stats for all US Dental Schools
Dental Day at MUSC is held each year.  Pre-Dental students spend a day on campus meeting faculty, students and staff while learning about admissions, financial aid and dental specialties.
MUSC, Student National Dental Association's Impressions Program is held each summer. Participants will learn about Dental School and the application process; they also participate in dental labs. For more information call Jami Cokley at 843-792-6874 or visit the SNDA Facebook Page.
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Veterinary Medicine:
The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) provides information and a central application service, the VMCAS. Not all schools use the central application service.
Visit the VMCAS Facebook Page for Pre-Veterinary Students
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MUSC College of Health Professions: Information Sessions are held every semester in the College of Health Professions at the Medical University of South Carolina. Optional campus tours will begin one hour before the information session. The info sessions for the spring semester will be held on Thursday, February 19th at 5pm and Friday, March 20th at 2pm. The info sessions for the summer semester will be held on Friday, June 26th at 2pm and Thursday, July 16th at 5pm. Click here to register for a session.
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Anesthesia for Nurses (CRNA) at MUSC
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Cardiovascular Perfusion at MUSC
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Health Administration at MUSC
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Physicians Assistants:
Find a PA Program that's right for you.
MUSC's Physician Assistant Program
ASPIRE - Pre-PA Students Society: Pre-PA SCAPA, benefits include: admission to “Becoming a PA” panel at our Annual Fall Conference • Quarterly newsletter, announcements, and events, full of information about entering our amazing profession (Download Brochure)
(Physician Assistant Program Requirements and Statistics, by Nicholas Slater) PA programs often require or recommend at least 1,000 hours of health care experience prior to admission.
Apply for a shadowing opportunity with a PA mentor.
CASPA: Centralized Online Application Service for PA Programs
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Nursing: For information about Nursing school, you may visit the following web pages
  • a selective program of the U.S. Government that helps alleviate the critical shortage of nurses currently experienced by certain types of health care facilities located in Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs). Upon graduation, NURSE Corps Scholarship recipients work at these facilities for at least two years, earning the same competitive salary and benefits as any new hire.
American Association of Colleges of Nursing look under the "Students" tab for helpful information
How to become a nurse from Marcia Boynton, Adrian College, Michigan
How to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree after graduating from The Citadel: Accelerated baccalaureate programs offer the quickest route to licensure as a registered nurse (RN) for adults who have already completed a bachelor's or graduate degree in a non-nursing discipline.  Fast-track/accelerated baccalaureate programs take between 11 and 18 months to complete, including prerequisites.
Master's Level Entry to become a nurse after graduating with a non-nursing degree from The Citadel:
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Optometry School: For information about Optometry School, you may visit the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO).
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American Chiropractic Association (ACA), 1701 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209, 703-276-8800.
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Pharmacy and Health Sciences:
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Public Health:
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