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Virtual Tour - Barracks


Murray Barracks


Murray Barracks, built in 1926, was demolished in 1996 to make way for a the new Murray barracks that has been completed for the Fall of 1999.

Murray Barracks is home to the First Batallion, which includes the following companies: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta.


Murray Barracks in Summer of 1999 before demolition:
Original Murray Barracks


Demolition of Original Murray Barracks:
Demolition of Murray Barracks

Rebuilding of Murray Barracks:
The New Murray Barracks




Padgett-Thomas Barracks

Padgett-Thomas BarracksPadgett-Thomas Barracks was originally built in 1922. It was the first building on campus after the college relocated from Marion Square.

Until 2001 when it was demolished, it was the oldest building on campus. Structural problems forced its closure in 2000. A new barracks that looks just like the original building opened in August 2004.

It is named for Colonel J. G. Padgett, a member of the Board of Visitors and a 1892 graduate, and for Colonel John Pulaski Thomas, Citadel 1893, member of the Board of Visitors from 1915 to 1949 and its chairman from 1925-1949. The building, which serves as a model for all the barracks, is designed so that the center is a quadrangle onto which each room opens, and in each of the four corners is a spiral stairway. Adjacent to the east sally port is the guard room. The dominant feature of the barracks is the tower which rises 109 feet and eight stories in the air and overlooks the parade ground to the east.
Padgett-Thomas Barracks is home to Second Battalion and houses Echo, Foxtro, Golf and Hotel companies and the Regimental Band and Pipes.


Additional Resources for Padgett-Thomas Barracks:

(Oct 2001) Demolition of old PT Barracks [MPG movie, 2858 KB, 0:28 minute cable download, 8:31 dialup download]
(April 2002) Ground breaking pictures.
Slideshow #1 - Follow the construction from the inside out.
Slideshow #2 - Watch in time-lapsed photography PT be demolished and then rebuilt.
(Aug 2004) Reopening of PT barracks [MPG movie, 59,900 KB, 9:45 minute cable download, 174:06 dialup download]


Law Barracks

Law BarracksThe original Law Barracks, named for Major General Evander M. Law, C.S.A., Citadel 1856, was built in 1939 and later refurbished in 1977. As part of a major barracks rebuilding plan, Law Barracks was demolished in May 2005.

Rebuilt on the same footing and with the same architectural style as the original barracks, the new Law Barracks reopened to cadets in January 2007.

Law Barracks is home to Third Battalion and India, Kilo, Lima, Mike companies.




Stevens Barracks

Stevens BarracksStevens Barracks is the same size and design as Law Barracks. Because the rapidly expanding enrollment of The Citadel brought about the necessity for additional quarters, funds were obtained in 1942 for its construction.

This barracks was named for Major P.F. Stevens, Citadel 1849, superintendent of The Citadel from 1859-1861. Stevens Barracks was refurbished in 1977.

Stevens Barracks is home to Regimental Support Battalion, which includes the Papa Company and Palmetto Battery.


Watts Barracks

Watts BarracksWatts barracks was built in 1996 as part of a long-range program to update cadet living quarters.

This new barracks is named for Lieutenant General Claudius E. Watts, III, Citadel 1958, who served as President from 1989-1996 after an illustrious career in the United States Air Force.

Built to house approximately 466 cadets, the barracks has a computer center, twice the number of latrines as the other barracks, and all rooms are air conditioned.

Watts Barracks is home to the Fourth Battalion, which includes the following companies: November, Oscar, Romeo, and Tango.