The Citadel

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Reference Materials


Welcome to the Reference Materials.   All of these publications are intended to assist cadets, and their leaders, in navigating The Citadel’s Four-Year leadership development program.


A Guide for the Leader Development Program - provides the strategic framework for cadet progression, along with Learning Outcomes cadets are expected to complete each year at The Citadel.

The Citadel Training Manual (CTM) - guides each cadet on the path to being a principled leader.

How to Train at The Citadel - provides specific guidance on the training management skills that help cadets plan, prepare, execute, and assess training. Appendix 1

A Guide to Being a Cadet Officer at The Citadel- provides specific guidance for how a cadet officer implements the principles contained in the documents above (A Guide for the Leader Development Program, The Citadel Training Manual, and How to Train at The Citadel).



CTM Pocket Card - provides helpful synopsis of CTM methodologies to be carried on your person.

e-Leader Book Template - one tool a leader, particularly at the squad level, can use to keep track of all pertinent information about the individuals in his unit to help them develop and succeed.

Leader Daily Card - one tool a leader, especially at the squad level, can use to take daily accountability of the individuals in his unit at events and formations.

CTM Trifold - is a convenient handout that serves as an executive summary of CTM.

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