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Palmetto BN Class of 2017
The Citadel Army ROTC
The Citadel Army ROTC
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Army ROTC Cadets
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Army ROTC Curriculum

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Army ROTC will give you valuable real-world tools and leadership skills that will benefit not only your professional career but your personal life as well.

Army ROTC is a college elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes. It prepares you with the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment. Along with great leadership training, Army ROTC can pay for your college tuition, too. You will have a normal college student experience like everyone else on campus, but when you graduate, you will be an Officer in the Army.

Being an Officer in the U.S. Army means you're a leader, a counselor, a strategist and a motivator. It's similar to being a vital manager in a corporation. As an Officer in the military, you will lead other Soldiers in all situations and adjust in environments that are always changing. You'll be driven to achieve success with your team on every mission.

Army ROTC is a one-of-a-kind experience. The challenges you face and the obstacles you'll overcome will prepare you for future success.

Army ROTC is one of the nation's top leadership programs, with many benefits to joining.

Through Army ROTC you can:

  • Get help with your college tuition with an Army ROTC scholarship
  • Gain experience you can't find anywhere else
  • Gain the respect of your peers and future employers
  • Train to become a leader and manager

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Palmetto Battalion Army ROTC

The first two years of Army ROTC is known as the Basic Course. As an Army ROTC Cadet, you will complete the following academic courses in the classroom:

Military Science 101, 102, 201, & 202

Please see link below:

The remaining two years of Army ROTC is known as the Advanced Course, As an Army ROTC cadet, you will complete the following academic courses in the classroom:

Military Science 301, 302, 401, & 402

The same requirements listed

Please see link below:

In addition to the classroom instruction, you will be required to attend the following below:

-weekly physical fitness training

-leadership lab once per week

-Two field training exercise’s taking place at a United States Military Installation.

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