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The Military College of South Carolina
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Requirements for Freshmen


  1. Must be a high school graduate or possess a GED.
  2. Must submit the completed application for admission along with the application fee at the completion of the junior year or very early in the senior year.
  3. Must provide a current and official copy of the high school transcript. Particular attention is given to grades earned in English, mathematics, science, history, and foreign languages.
  4. Must provide current SAT / ACT test results (or TOEFLresults for students whose native language is not English). These test scores represent one factor in the determination of an applicant's acceptability and are used to provide reasonable evaluation of actual preparedness and potential for completion of college level work.
  5. Must successfully complete the required coursework.
  6. Must be medically approved by The Citadel Surgeon. Forms are here.
  7. Must be at least 17 and less than 23 years of age on the date of matriculation (usually mid-to-late August).
  8. Must not be married.

International students: The Undergraduate International Student Immigration Supplement must be submitted along with the application for admission.

If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact us by calling (800) 868-1842 or emailing Additional information may be found in the current edition of The Citadel catalog.

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