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New Cadets and Parents

New Cadets

Dear Class of 2017,

Welcome to The Citadel!  As you begin to think about college and your transition to The Citadel, we would like to "set the stage" for that important day.

When you arrive on campus in August for Orientation, you will learn about many of the resources available to assist you in your transition to a military college environment.  The academic portion of Orientatin is held for several days prior to the start of classes, and you will receive additional information about this program later in the summer.

To help you transition to The Citadel, all freshmen will take a one-hour-credit course called Cit 101 that will develop and enhance your academic skills in many areas such as note taking, time management, and learning styles, for example.  You will also be introduced to a variety of other services and programs to strengthen your academic performance.

Next, you will need to purchase the book, We Were Soldiers Once...and Young, by Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway.  For more than 160 years, The Citadel has been preparing principled leaders, and the characters and themes of this book will help you better meet this challenge as well as serve as the basis for many activities this fall. In addition, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the book's principles and contents on your writing sample that can be found on the Citadel's Assessment page, which can be accessed by:

1) Clicking on the Citadel Home Page

2) Info for New Cadets

3) Assessments

Or you may visit the Matriculation Headquarters

The Assessment page goes live in June, so you will want to visit the site early to complete all of your assessments.  Finally, you will write about the book before Matriculation day, so you must read the material before you arrive!  In addition, you will want to complete the other required assessments before your arrival in August:  Writing Sample, Career Assessment (SIGI), Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program, Mathematics (if applicable), and Foreign Language.  THESE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL IN AUGUST!

In addition, you will want to visit our newly release Parent Page giving you additional information about Citadel policies, procedures and schedules:

You will find a list of items to bring on the Matriculation Headquarters page under "Success Packet,",

but you might want to also visit the Citadel Family Association page to see a "Nice To Have List":

Please see several documents listed below that, hopefully, will help answer your many academic questions before arriving at The Citadel:








To learn about your Knob Knowledge, please visit the following link to The Guidon:

New Parents

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to welcome your son or daughter as a new student entering our ranks this fall, and we want to assure you that we are committed to helping your freshman achieve academic and personal success.

We realize that you have so many things to remember, but we want to alert you to several important dates in the Academic Calendar.  We realize that many of these procedures will be new to you and your cadet, so we thought that it might be helpful to highlight the Furlough/Leave policies:

· Thanksgiving Break:  Extended Leave begins for all cadets after their last class on Friday, 22 November 2013, and extends until 1930 (7:30 p.m.) on Sunday, 1 December 2013.  For example, our Thanksgiving Extended Leave begins after your cadet’s last class on Friday, November 22nd which means that it is extremely likely that your cadet will be in class until at least 12:00 noon that day, while some students may be in class until 2:50 that afternoon.  For this reason, please do NOT purchase a plane ticket for a flight that departs the Charleston Airport any time on Friday morning or earlier.  We want all of our students to have a full week of classroom instruction before they enjoy a full holiday week with their families.

·   Winter Furlough:  Winter Furlough begins for all cadets after the cadet’s last scheduled exam in accordance with the published Citadel Final Examination Policy and no later than Wednesday, 18 December 2013, and extends until 1930 (7:30 p.m.) on Sunday, 12 January 2014.

·   Spring Break:  Extended Leave begins for all cadets after their last class on Friday, 21 March 2014, and extends until 1930 (7:30 p.m.) on Sunday, 30 March 2014.

·  Summer Furlough:  Summer Furlough begins when all cadets have completed their last scheduled exam in accordance with the published Citadel Final Examination Policy and when all cadets have completed all Corps of Cadet responsibilities as defined by the Office of the Commandant.  For most cadets, they will be able to leave at 0700 (7:00 a.m.) on Saturday morning, May 10, 2014.

We appreciate your not putting yourselves or us in an awkward position by asking us to release your cadet early on any day that a Furlough or Extended Leave begins because of a morning flight, train, or bus because we will NOT be able to accommodate that request.  That’s why we’re giving you our calendar information* so far ahead of time

Once again, we are excited to welcome you and your cadet into the Citadel family and appreciate your working with us on the timing of Extended Leaves and Furloughs.


Mark A. Bebensee, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

To view the parade schedules for the Corps of Cadets:

Important Dates

Additional information:

Citadel Family Association:

Since its inception in 1993, The Citadel Family Association (CFA) has been dedicated to three main goals:             

1. To provide information to, and support for, the families of current cadets;             

2. To provide families with a forum for discussion of common interests; and             

3. To support college initiatives.

For more information concerning the CFA, please visit

Citadel Sponsor Program:

The Citadel Fourth-Class Sponsor Program, under the direction of the Department of Cadet Activities, provides out-of-state freshmen with a caring "home away from home" during the difficult first year and often, subsequent years at The Citadel.  These sponsors, Citadel staff, faculty, local alumni, and interested individuals from the local community, provide a place where cadets can relax, watch TV,  and have a home-cooked meal. For additional information about this program, please call Cadet Activities at 843.953.5111 or visit their Web site

Freshman orientation program, Cit 101:

Health insurance: medical_insurance_information.pdf

New Cadet Information: New Cadet Information