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2011-2012 Message

TO: The South Carolina Corps of Cadets, The Citadel
It is my great privilege to address you for the first time as your Honor Committee
Chairman. It is not by coincidence or chance that Honor is placed as the first
core value of The Citadel. A sense of Honor is what makes a Citadel cadet. In the
world outside the barracks, we are plagued with people who have no foundation or
understanding of the concept of honor. Honor is what separates us from the rest of
the world.
As cadets, we are surrounded by rules which dictate what we can and cannot do. It
is important to note that the Honor Code is not a set of rules. Within the contents
of The Honor Manual, no specific action or scenario will be provided to dictate
what you can or cannot do as a cadet. It does, however, establish what defines
violations of the Code. The examples given in the manual are merely decisions
that have been reached by past committees. When you find yourself questioning
whether an action is a violation of the Code, rely upon the definitions provided in
the manual.
In order for the Honor Code to function properly, we must place our trust in
the cadets who we have elected to safeguard our most coveted principle. The
members of the Honor Committee are among the most upstanding cadets that The
Citadel has to offer. They are a team of motivated cadets who have been trained
to administer the Honor Code for the Corps. They will ensure that unbiased and
fair investigations are conducted. I, as well as the committee members, are here to
serve you and will not quit until the truth is found.
When you leave The Citadel, you will be tested by the temptations of society. I
challenge you not to give in. If you are fortunate enough to leave this institution
and wear the ring of a Citadel Alumnus, wear it with pride and know that you
earned it as an honorable person. Cherish the principle of Honor, hold it close to
your heart, and always remember that the easiest path is not always the right path.
Very Respectfully,
Ryan A. Schieber
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel
2011-2012 Honor Committee Chairman