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175th Anniversary

Primary Logo

175 anniversary logo mapThe primary logo consists of the 175th Anniversary emblem paired with The Citadel wordmark.

The 175th Anniversary emblem depicts Padgett-Thomas Barracks and is inspired by The Citadel's official icon. The emblem's typography is inspired by the calligraphy on the cover of the 1900 edition of The Sphynx.

The Citadel wordmark, set in Trajan Pro, is placed to the right of the emblem.

The anniversary emblem will replace the traditional PT Barracks icon during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Do not use the emblem without the wordmark until seeking approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Logo Colors

The logo uses Citadel Navy Blue (PMS 295) for the background of the anniversary emblem, the 175 typography, and The Citadel wordmark.

The logo uses white for Padgett-Thomas Barracks in the anniversary emblem.





Citadel Navy Blue

PMS — 295
CMYK — 100, 69, 8, 54
RGB — 31, 58, 96
HEX — #1F3A60

Background Colors

The logo can be placed on a background of Citadel Blue (PMS 279) or a tint from the college's primary color palette as long as there is enough contrast for the logo to remain clearly visible.

175 logo on pms 279 175 logo on gray

Logo Violations

Do not alter the 175th Anniversary logo in any way. Altering the logo compromises The Citadel brand.

Do not use the logo as a watermark or obstruct the logo in any way.

For questions regarding proper logo usage, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

violation colors violation brand assets
Don’t change the logo’s colors. Don’t attempt to recreate the logo, even when using The Citadel’s brand assets.

violation drop shadow violation modification
Don’t add shadows, gradients, or any other effects to the logo. Don’t modify the relationship between elements of the logo.


violation distortion violation low contrast
Don’t distort or rotate the logo elements. Don’t place the logo on a low-contrast or clashing background color or image.

One-Color Logos

These logo variants are to be used solely when it is not possible to use the primary logo. One-color versions of the logo should never be used in digital applications.

175 logo with wordmark rgb_one color


The navy version of the logo should only be used in color applications where it is necessary to print or produce in one color only (screen printing, embroidery, etc).

175 logo with wordmark rgb_bw


The black version of the logo should only be used in applications where it is necessary to print or produce in black and white.

Logo Reversal

The logo reversal may be used when printing or producing over a dark background or photograph.

reverse pms 295 reversal photograph

Standalone Emblem

The emblem may be used as a standalone logo (without the wordmark) in some applications.

The emblem may only be used as a standalone when clearly associated with The Citadel.

When the emblem is used as a standalone logo and paired with typography, Trajan Pro must be used.

Use of the emblem as a standalone logo must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

175 pole banner mockup

Download Assets

The complete collection of 175th Anniversary campaign assets can be accessed here.

175th Anniversary branded PowerPoint templates can be accessed here.

A printable version of the 175th Anniversary campaign style guide can be accessed here.

Points of Contact

For additional information or guidance on implementing The Citadel's 175th Anniversary campaign assets, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing



Kara Klein

Director of Marketing
(843) 953-3721



Stanton Adams

Graphic Communications Specialist
(843) 953-3716

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