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Citadel News Service
21 Oct 2006

Parents' Weekend in Pictures

Thomas Pressley, regimental athletic officer (foreground) waits with 399 classmates to receive their rings. The ring presentation takes place in Summerall Chapel on the Friday of Parents' Weekend. It used to take place on the Thursday before Parents Weekend but was changed in 1998.

After they get their class rings, seniors head back to the barracks to celebrate with their companies. The celebration typically includes a toast and the support of freshmen, sophomores and juniors.

The ring symbolizes the history and traditions of both the Corps of Cadets and the state of South Carolina. A tradition has been to wear the ring with the numerals facing the wearer. Upon graduation the ring is turned so the numerals face away from the wearer. There is no truth to the rumor that the college can take away a graduate's ring or that alumni pay for part of the ring. It is paid for entirely by the cadet. If a cadet is dishonorably discharged before graduation, the college can take back the ring.

During a reception for parents at the Holliday Alumni Center, President Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa (right) gave parents an update on how their cadets and the college is doing and answered questions.


The members of the Class of 2010 were promoted from cadet recruits to cadet privates, marking the end of the cadre training period that began Aug. 12. With 574 men and women, the freshmen are fully integrated into the structure of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. 

The Regimental Pipe Band performed in each of the four barracks during open barracks.

Palmetto Battery beat out Echo, Golf and Tango companies for best drilled fourth-class squad to take the 2006 Kelly Cup.

Freshmen received their company letters as part of promotion ceremonies. The cadet recruits become cadet privates and the cadre system is disbanded for the year.

Cadets dance the evening away at the Ring Hop, the culmination of Saturday's festivities in honor of Parents' Weekend. The East Coast Party Band entertained the McAlister Field House crowd again this year.

Commander Mike Alverson, director of music, leads the Regimental Band in a special perfornance on Summerall Field.

Three awards were presented during Parents' Weekend - the Kelly Cup and President's Cup to Palmetto Battery and the Thomas L. Dorney Memorial Sword to Cadet Capt. Curtis T. Knie, Oscar Company commander.
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