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The following information serves as a roadmap for providing greater alignment with the col-
lege’s strategic plan. The roadmap outlines the high-level IT strategic goals, guiding principles,
governance model and performance management strategies as well as providing a more detailed
plan of specific initiatives and the resources needed for successful completion.

Strategic Goals


         Enhance cyber-security capabilities to protect the institution’s systems, ensuring the
         confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information assets.

         IT security has become the #1 concern for higher education CIO’s1. This concern comes
         from the impact that cyber-attacks can have on an institution and the increasing volume and
         complexity of these attacks. A successful cyber-attack can not only interrupt the operations
         of an institution but also damage their reputation. As a prestigious military college, The
         Citadel is a prime target for cyber criminals and hacktivist.


         Increase the reliability and cost efficiencies of IT systems using an established service
         management framework.

         The success of an organization is tied to many factors, one of which is the reliability of
         its IT systems. System reliability is measurable and therefore can be managed to specific
         service level expectations. Currently, the reliability of IT systems at The Citadel are not
         consistently measured and therefore service levels are unknown. This leads to incon-
         sistent investments that are not tied to the priorities of the institution and varying user
         satisfaction levels.

         GOAL #3: INNOVATION

         Foster Innovative instruction methods and create a conduit for our students to have
         experiences with leading edge technology.

         Innovation goes beyond the operational aspects of IT security and reliability

1Educause Review. Top 10 IT Issues, 2016: Divest, Reinvest, and Differentiate


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