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             of cloud and on-site storage solutions based on the College’s data architecture and security
             requirements. All of these components are considered IT infrastructure and used to support
             the various applications and end user devices used by the College. Efficiencies in applications
             support can be gained through platform standardization and a well-designed data architecture.
             Data architecture is not depicted on the diagram but it is a critical component in aligning IT with
             the mission of the institution. Data architecture determines which data is collected, and how it
             is stored, arranged, integrated, and put to use in data systems. Creating and maintaining a data
             architecture is a component of both applications and security. IT security, while shown as an
             isolated component is actually woven through all of the other areas.
             Moving forward, The Citadel must address the foundational IT components that are the greatest
             risk to service failure and data compromise for the College’s information systems. Once these
             foundational issues are addressed, IT initiatives will follow a governance process that aligns
             these initiatives with the needs of the institution in order to prioritize their implementation. In
             addition to IT initiatives, ITS must continue to operate the core IT infrastructure and systems
             following industry best practices and frameworks. These best practices will allow ITS to
             become more efficient in service delivery and adaptable to changes in user needs or technology
             advancements. The following section provides an IT Roadmap for The Citadel.

                                                                The Citadel
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