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Current State

           End User Devices

             The Citadel supports approximately 1300 computers. Much of the equipment is manufactured by Dell and
             is managed through the Dell KACE management appliance. Over 50% of the PC’s are currently out of
             warranty. In addition, 35% are over 5 years old which is typically considered the end of useful life for a PC.

           Instructional Technology

             The Citadel campus houses 150 rooms with instructional technology and 6 academic
             auditoriums. While some rooms have been upgraded over time, the last major investment
             in instructional technology was from 2000-2004 when 71 classrooms were equipped with
             multimedia equipment. Much of the equipment that was installed during that time is still in
             operation and being maintained by the ITS multimedia staff.

             The Registrar’s office, through the direction of the Provost, is currently evaluating the
             instructional technology needs of the college and developing a plan with ITS to install and
             maintain improved instructional technologies.

           IT Security

             A dedicated FTE for IT Security was identified in February, 2016. This FTE is currently going
             through IT security training in addition to establishing security policies that align with the policy
             guidance provided by the State of South Carolina. In March, 2016 ITS implemented a Data Loss
             Prevention (DLP) solution for its email system that prevents the transmission of certain Person-
             ally Identifiable Information (PII). ITS also uses antivirus software on all Citadel issued PCs.
             Mobile Device Management (MDM) is currently being tested and will be deployed to mobile
             devices that have access to sensitive information or are deemed a high-risk user.

             The Citadel does not currently have a complete IT asset inventory or application inventory. The
             College also has not identified and classified all of its data. These steps are critical to effectively

                         and efficiently implementing an IT security program.


                                                                The Citadel
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