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Current State


IT Infrastructure is a combination of technology components that work together to provide users with
access to information. While end users do not typically see this infrastructure, it is one of the most criti-
cal elements of IT service delivery and serves as the foundation for an end-user to access information.

The Citadel’s primary technology infrastructure is comprised of the following:

215 network devices         30 physical servers  220 terabytes of storage
710 wireless access points  220 virtual servers  1042 Telephone lines

While most the networking equipment is located on campus, the compute resources (servers and
storage) are primarily located in an off-site leased data center in Ladson, SC.

The network infrastructure is predominately HP networking hardware with Aruba wireless access
points. Due to the aging HP infrastructure, ITS began a complete network upgrade in July, 2016. This
upgrade includes the transition to Juniper Networks routers and switches with redundant links to exter-
nal service providers. The Aruba wireless access points are relatively new and support 802.11n (500
Mbps). More recent purchases (182 AP’s) also support 802.11ac which is the most current and fastest
Wi-Fi standard available at 720 Mbps. The virtual server infrastructure consists of Dell servers running
VMWare with NetApp storage. The majority of the server and storage infrastructure is located in the
primary datacenter in Ladson, SC with limited backup infrastructure located in a Greenville, SC
data center.

                                                                                 The Citadel Network Structure

                                                                The Citadel
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