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Executive Summary

In 2011, The Citadel began the process of creating The LEAD Plan 2018 which serves as the
college’s map to realize strategic growth and innovation which will ensure the strong future of The
Citadel. In November of 2015, The Citadel hired its first Chief Information Officer (CIO) with the
role of creating an IT Strategic Plan that aligns with The LEAD 2018 initiatives. The following
plan was developed through several months of assessing the resources available to meet the goals
of the college and prioritizing the efforts needed to address deficiencies in those resources.

 SECURITY    •Enhance cyber-security capabilities to
RELIABILITY   protect the institution’s systems, ensuring
              the confidentiality, integrity and availability
              of its information assets.

             •Increase the reliability and cost efficiencies
              of IT systems using an established service
              management framework.

INNOVATION   •Foster innovative instruction methods and
              create a conduit for students to have
              experiences with leading edge technology.

Through the planning process, three common themes resonated with both the users and the
technology support staff. Those themes included Security, Reliability, and Innovation. While
these three themes will serve as the high-level technology goals, the plan focuses on building a
strong foundation, not only in the infrastructure, but also in the resources available to support the
infrastructure. This foundation will enable the efficient allocation of resources for each initiative
and improve the sustainability of the systems that it supports. Most importantly, security is
weaved throughout the entire plan to ensure that the information entrusted to The Citadel is
sufficiently protected.


             ITS Strategic Plan
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