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Lead Alignment

While this IT Strategic Plan serves to improve the overall mission of the institution, the College’s
LEAD plan outlined specific objectives that require support from ITS. The following is a list of
LEAD objectives requiring ITS support followed by specific actions or initiatives that ITS will
accomplish to support these objectives.

Lead Objectives

         Enhance student retention
         While The Citadel continues to lead South Carolina public colleges and universities with
         the highest four-year graduation rate, we strive for even greater levels of student success.
         The institution will employ a variety of innovative actions to raise annual retention rates
         among all classes, as well as 4-year and 6-year graduation rates.

         OBJECTIVE 5.5

         Enhance the Cadet Information System
         The Cadet Information System is an integral component of the Leader Development
         Model, facilitating integration of information across all Four Pillars. To examine the
         holistic Citadel experience of each cadet, the institution must build additional components
         within the enterprise information system.

         OBJECTIVE 5.6

         Transform campus technology resources
         Investment in innovative technology is a critical element of the institution’s planning
         efforts to ensure the college remains competitive.


ITS Strategic Plan
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