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              While many technologies are highly customizable to meet the specific needs of individual users,
              certain technologies are easily standardized, which allows for greater efficiencies in use and
              support. For The Citadel, the standardization of network equipment, personal computers and
              classroom technology can greatly improve the experience for faculty, staff and students, while
              also allowing for increased efficiencies in supporting this infrastructure. To accomplish this
              standardization and to maintain the equipment at acceptable levels, an infrastructure refresh
              model has been created. The challenge in creating this model is holding funds in reserve for
              large purchases in future years. Many times, these purchases are years away and predicting
              the cost of the future purchase comes with a certain degree of inaccuracy. To overcome these
              issues, the refresh models provided in Appendix A spread the costs of these infrastructure
              purchases over time so that the costs are consistent each year. To implement this model, some
              infrastructure must go beyond its useful life until the model has gone through a complete cycle.
              In addition, as technology solutions evolve through their life cycle, ITS must decide on the
              appropriate time to transition to alternative technologies with minimal impact to the users. A
              good example of this type of transition is the use of cloud versus local storage. Some of these
              transitions will be driven by cost while others may be dictated by the technology industry.
              Appendix B provides a detailed plan for technology initiatives with their corresponding costs and
              timeline for completion.

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