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Governance Model

IT governance is a process that ensures the effective and efficient use of IT resources in enabling
an organization to achieve its goals. The Citadel Information Technology Priorities Committee
(CITPC) was formed to serve this role and is specifically charged to:

    1.	 Review the IT strategic plan and provide input to the College with regard to the strategic
         direction of information technology;

    2.	 Liaise and communicate information technology issues with The Citadel’s Planning and
         Budget Review Council (P&BRC) and the Institutional Planning Council (IPC);

    3.	 Resolve institutional priorities and conflicts as they pertain to IT projects;

    4.	 Be a champion for funding and support;

    5.	 Provide feedback concerning the services provided by Information Technology Services

Performance Management

ITS will measure and report key performance indicators to achieve the strategic goals and main-
tain focus on defined priorities. Operational metrics, compared to industry IT benchmarks, will
help ITS maintain alignment with strategic institutional goals. Below are the initial operational
metrics that will be tracked.

                            Operational Metrics

Application           Application Transaction Instructional Technology Trouble Resolution
                      Time  Availability                  Time to Resolve
Network Availability
Server Availability                                       (TTR)

                      Network Throughput IT Change Success Budget Variance

                      Disk Performance VoIP Call Quality


                            ITS Strategic Plan
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