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                       and focuses more on discovering new ways to leverage technology. With The Citadel’s
                       highly ranked School of Engineering and a designation as a National Center of Academic
                       Excellence in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense, The Citadel is well positioned
                       to foster innovation through industry partnerships as well as partnering with other educa-
                       tion institutions. These partnerships will not only advance the institution but more impor-
                       tantly, provide a conduit for our students to expand their knowledge and leadership skills.

          Guiding Principles

              Guiding principles are broad statements that serve to guide an organization in decision making.
              These principles serve as guidepost for those charged with making key decision that effect the
              strategic direction of the organization.

                       The IT Roadmap will align with the strategic priorities of The Citadel LEAD Plan. This
                       alignment will ensure that ITS is providing a significant contribution to the strategic
                       growth and strong future of The Citadel.
                       BEST VALUE IT ARCHITECTURE
                       Best value IT architecture is designed to create a coherent, consistent approach to
                       delivery of information technology capabilities. This architecture encourages the use of
                       open technology standards and interoperability.
                       IT STRATEGIC SOURCING
                       IT Strategic sourcing is a process that continuously improves and re-evaluates the
                       purchasing activities of the College. As IT products and services evolve, this process
                       includes the evaluation of key vendor partnerships as well as insource versus outsource


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