Hagood Athletic Stadium Cadet Artwork

Hagood Athletic Stadium
Permanent View

citadel fine art 2012 summer football Darius Evans

Athletes and artists alike can enjoy the Club Level Lounge and President’s Box Level at Hagood Athletic Stadium, thanks to an innovative interdisciplinary partnership between the Athletics program and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Students in the rapidly growing photography program under the leadership of Instructor Tiffany Silverman took dozens of portfolio-quality images throughout the semester as they explored the history and practice of photographic genres such as portraiture, nature, photojournalism, commercial, and abstract alongside noted professionals on location around Charleston.  Many of these images were exhibited in Capers Hall lobby as well as archived on the Daniel Library’s web site, including those students who had received the Stacy L. Pearsall Citation for Photographic Excellence, and now over seventy photographs are on view in Hagood Stadium.

“We had a beautiful facility with bare walls, and I had seen the impressive quality of our students’ photography, so thought bringing the two together was a perfect way to showcase the diversity of our student body,” says John McAleer, Senior Associate Athletics Director, who collaborated with Silverman over the summer of 2012 as she installed the exhibition.

In fact, says Silverman, the overlap is even more relevant as such a significant number of the student photographers are athletes as well.  “I often call my students ‘Renaissance cadets’ since they have such widespread interests and skills.  It is also notable that very few of the photographs are of The Citadel itself—our goal was to find a new way to see the larger world and thus their place in it.”

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