Auditions for Biloxi Blues

biloxi blues image

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
5:30-6:30 pm
South of Broadway Theatre Company
1080 E. Montague Ave, North Charleston
Open to public

South of Broadway Theatre Company is holding auditions for Biloxi Blues to be performed at The Citadel in March 2020. All are welcome to audition!



Cold read from sides
Auditions will be in order of sign in
Bring resume and headshot


Eugene Morris Jerome (M, 18-25, Lead): A writer and the narrator of the show. He is the alter ego of the youthful Neil Simon.

Roy Selridge (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A confident man who thinks of himself as funny. He tends to take cues from others on how to behave and who to harass.

Joseph Wykowski (M, 19-26, Major Supporting): Big and tough - but not too smart and somewhat bigoted.

Don Carney (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A private from New Jersey who irritates his bunkmates with his singing. He is not very good at making important decisions.

Arnold Epstein (M, 18-25, Major Supporting): A sensitive, well-read and intelligent Jewish guy from New York City. He is mentally strong, but physically weak. He constantly feels the need to fight for something.

Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey (M, 35-50, Major Supporting): A Southerner. He is big and tough – he is smart and hardcore, old school “Army”, but he has his demons.

James Hennesy (M, 16-24, Major Supporting): Big and tough - but not too smart. He is part African American, but not noticeably.

Rowena (F, 20-up, Minor Supporting): A world-wise, Southern prostitute. She must have a flair for comedy.

Daisy Hannigan (F, 16-24, Minor Supporting): A USO dancer and Eugene's first love, she is young and pretty.