Fine Arts Minor

The minor in Fine Arts is intended to deepen an appreciation for and encourage a lifelong engagement in the fine arts, including painting, sculpture, photography, music, film, drama, and creative writing.  As participation in fine arts courses, both in practice and in theory, stimulates creative thinking and develops problem solving skills that are applicable to other areas of study, this minor is meant to round out The Citadel experience.  Students are also encouraged to engage with the broader artistic community of Charleston through participation in events, internships, exhibitions, and performances.

Through the foundation courses in art and music, the student will gain a broad understanding of the cultural and historical significance of the fine arts as well as applied knowledge of a variety of artistic mediums.  Further courses will develop the student’s interest in more specific areas, such as musical performance, emphasis on a particular visual medium, or internships in local arts organizations.

May not be approved for Education or English Majors unless required courses for their major do not overlap more than two classes with the minor requirements.

Structure of the Minor:

1. Required courses: (6 credit hours)
FNAR 205 Music Appreciation
FNAR 206 Art Appreciation

2. Elective courses:  choose one (3 credit hours)
FNAR 101/102/201/202 (this total sequence for Band counts as 3 credits)
ENGL 208 War on Film
ENGL 208 Crime on Film
ENGL 209 Introduction to Film
ENGL 220 Introduction to Creative Writing
FNAR 207 Art History
FNAR 209 Music Theory
FNAR 250 Special Topics in Fine Arts
*Other courses may be considered and approved by the English Dept Chair

3.Upper-level elective courses: choose two (6 credit hours)
FNAR 301/302/401/402 (this total sequence for Band counts as 3 credits)
FNAR 306 Photography
ENGL 372 Film Studies
ENGL 303 Shakespeare
ENGL 304 Shakespeare
ENGL 322 English Drama to 1642
ENGL 351 20th Century American Drama
ENGL 368 20th Century Drama
ENGL 401 Independent Study
ENGL 426 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 427 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 499 Internship (may be used for 3 credits)
*Other courses may be considered and approved by the English Dept Chair

Total Credit Hours Required — 15, at least 9 of which must be completed at The Citadel.

To register for the Fine Arts minor, please fill out this form and have it signed by Dr. David Allen, English Department Chair, and the department chair of your major. For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .