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Filing a viable application for a graduate fellowship demands considerable foresight, time for reflection, and hard work. Successful applicants generally write multiple drafts of the required personal statement and project proposal. Rising seniors should be well along in the application process before returning to campus in August. Working closely with your academic adviser and your departmental point faculty member, begin drafting your personal statement and project proposal second semester of junior year.


Campus interviews for Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, and Truman candidates are conducted in mid-September and early October. Applications, complete with letters of recommendation, must be filed at least one week prior to the interview. Choose your references carefully. The best recommendations tend to come from professors whose courses spurred your project proposal. Allow your references at least ten days to write your recommendation. Provide them with a copy of your personal statement and project proposal when you ask them to write on your behalf, and explain to them face to face the importance of this application to your professional goals.


In order to schedule interviews, the Fellowships director needs to know by the beginning of fall classes that you intend to submit an application. Most applications are filed now online. For access to certain sites, applicants require a password provided by the Fellowships director.



The campus deadline for completed applications for Fulbright and Truman awards is 5 October.


Detailed information on the application process for various fellowships can be found at the links under Domestic Fellowships and International Fellowships.