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Over the last two decades Citadel cadets have enjoyed conspicuous success in fellowships competitions, claiming Fulbright, Truman, Congress-Bundestag, Department of State, French and Spanish Ministry of Education, Rotary, and Max Kade awards to pursue graduate study, language immersion, and professional development worldwide.


Fulbright Research Grant/English Teaching Assistantship









David Smith, a German major, studied the East German dissidents' movement (Leipzig, Germany).


Jon Hamilton, a German major, was awarded a Fulbright English Language Teaching Assistantship in Germany (declined in favor of law school).


Arthur Baker, a biology major, studied early diabetes diagnosis by analysis of patient samples (Melboure, Australia).

2002 Matthew Belcher, a German and politics major, studied Leni Riefenstahl's influence on East-German film propaganda (Potsdam, Germany).

Nicholas Freeling, a German and politics major, studied the consolidation of  EU penal code (Vienna, Austria).
2003 John Alexander, a German and business major, studied the joint efforts of the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bank to moderate fluctuation in the Euro (Frankfurt/Main, Germany).
2004 Jeffrey Cunningham, a German and history major, studied the influence of the neo-Kantian scholar Hermann Cohen on the intellectual leadership of the German Social Democratic Party (Marburg, Germany).

Patrick Reilly, a computer-science major and management-systems minor, studied e-government applications in public administration (Auckland, New Zealand).
2005 Carter Palmer, a history major and German minor, studied the security force of the Socialist Soldiers' Councils in the Bavarian revolution and republic of 1918-1919 (Munich, Germany).
2006 Andrew Brooks, a German major, studied Roman influence on class structure of Germanic tribes in the late Imperial period (Cologne, Germany).














Andrew Jones, a German major, studied German ecumenicalism since the papal visit of 1980 (Marburg Germany).


Tara Woodside, a German major, was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany (declined for personal reasons).


John Marcus Taylor was awarded a French Government ETA through the Fulbright gateway.


Ryan Adams, a German major, was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany.


Matthew Bernard was awarded a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Malaysia (declined to take a naval commission).


Preston Hipps was awarded a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Mexico.




Truman Scholarship


David Rawlinson, a politics major, first studied law at U South Carolina, then applied his Truman Scholarship to study at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.






Doug Schmid, a politics major, studied models of peacekeeping intervention in a master's program at the Australian National University in Canberra.


Noah Koubenec, a Spanish and politics major, plans to study Latin American affairs in preparation for a career as a foreign service officer for the US Department of State.




Congress-Bundestag Scholarship
1998 Mike Majure, a German and business major, studied marketing, then interned with a consulting firm in Berlin.

Carter Palmer, a history major and German minor, was awarded a C-B to study the German hotel industry, but accepted a Fulbright Scholarship (see above).


Department of State Critical Language Scholarship


2008 John Lathers, a French and history major, learned Turkish at the

American Research Institute in Ankara.


David L Boren Fellowship (National Security Education Program)


2009         Jamie Laska (declined)


2011         Noah Koubenec (declined to take the Truman)


2014         Erin Burcherl (Zanzibar, Tanzania)


2014         Elizabeth Stephenson (Peoples Republic of China)


French Ministry of Education English Teaching Grant


2009 John Marcus, a French and English major, and Julius Siler, a French

and politics major, accepted French government awards to teach

English in Montpellier and Grenoble, respectively.



Spanish Ministry of Education English Teaching Grant


2008       Jared Newman, a Spanish and criminal justice major, was awarded a

Spanish government grant to teach English in Salamanca.



Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship


2005-07     John Exum, a French major, took two master's degrees in international

relations (Strasbourg, France).


2012           Nick Slater, a double major in Political Science and Bioligy, has been awarded the scholarship to study at Trinity College, Ireland


Max Kade Fellowship


2006 Andrew Brooks was awarded a Max Kade Fellowship to begin graduate

work in Germanic Studies at Indiana University (declined in favor of a

University Fellowship in German at Georgetown).