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Over the last two decades Citadel cadets have enjoyed conspicuous success in fellowships competitions, claiming Fulbright, Truman, Congress-Bundestag, Department of State, French and Spanish Ministry of Education, Rotary, and Max Kade awards to pursue graduate study, language immersion, and professional development worldwide.


Fulbright Research Grant/English Teaching Assistantship









David Smith, a German major, studied the East German dissidents' movement (Leipzig, Germany).


Jon Hamilton, a German major, was awarded a Fulbright English Language Teaching Assistantship in Germany (declined in favor of law school).


Arthur Baker, a biology major, studied early diabetes diagnosis by analysis of patient samples (Melboure, Australia).

2002 Matthew Belcher, a German and politics major, studied Leni Riefenstahl's influence on East-German film propaganda (Potsdam, Germany).

Nicholas Freeling, a German and politics major, studied the consolidation of  EU penal code (Vienna, Austria).
2003 John Alexander, a German and business major, studied the joint efforts of the European Central Bank and Deutsche Bank to moderate fluctuation in the Euro (Frankfurt/Main, Germany).
2004 Jeffrey Cunningham, a German and history major, studied the influence of the neo-Kantian scholar Hermann Cohen on the intellectual leadership of the German Social Democratic Party (Marburg, Germany).

Patrick Reilly, a computer-science major and management-systems minor, studied e-government applications in public administration (Auckland, New Zealand).
2005 Carter Palmer, a history major and German minor, studied the security force of the Socialist Soldiers' Councils in the Bavarian revolution and republic of 1918-1919 (Munich, Germany).
2006 Andrew Brooks, a German major, studied Roman influence on class structure of Germanic tribes in the late Imperial period (Cologne, Germany).









Andrew Jones, a German major, studied German ecumenicalism since the papal visit of 1980 (Marburg Germany).


Tara Woodside, a German major, was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany (declined for personal reasons).


Ryan Adams, a German major, was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany.



Truman Scholarship


David Rawlinson, a politics major, first studied law at U South Carolina, then applied his Truman Scholarship to study at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.






Doug Schmid, a politics major, studied models of peacekeeping intervention in a master's program at the Australian National University in Canberra.


Noah Koubenec, a Spanish and politics major, plans to study Latin American affairs in preparation for a career as a foreign service officer for the US Department of State.




Congress-Bundestag Scholarship
1998 Mike Majure, a German and business major, studied marketing, then interned with a consulting firm in Berlin.

Carter Palmer, a history major and German minor, was awarded a C-B to study the German hotel industry, but accepted a Fulbright Scholarship (see above).



Department of State Critical Language Scholarship


2008 John Lathers, a French and history major, learned Turkish at the

American Research Institute in Ankara.



David L Boren Fellowship (National Security Education Program)


2009         Jamie Laska (declined)


2011         Noah Koubenec (declined)



French Ministry of Education English Teaching Grant


2009 John Marcus, a French and English major, and Julius Siler, a French

and politics major, accepted French government awards to teach

English in Montpellier and Grenoble, respectively.



Spanish Ministry of Education English Teaching Grant


2008       Jared Newman, a Spanish and criminal justice major, was awarded a

Spanish government grant to teach English in Salamanca.




Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship


2005-07     John Exum, a French major, took two master's degrees in international

relations (Strasbourg, France).


2012           Nick Slater, a double major in Political Science and Bioligy, has been awarded the scholarship to study at Trinity College, Ireland



Max Kade Fellowship



2006 Andrew Brooks was awarded a Max Kade Fellowship to begin graduate

work in Germanic Studies at Indiana University (declined in favor of a

University Fellowship in German at Georgetown).