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The Awards Committee (hereafter “the Committee”) held two formal meetings of the full committee in the Fall Semester and one formal meeting of the full committee in the Spring Semester.  Additional business for the Spring Semester was handled via e-mail.  Subcommittees, as discussed below, met several times during the academic year.


The 2011-2012 Awards Committee consisted of the following:


BADM                        Cynthia Bolt-Lee

PSCJ                           Brad Collins

HIST                           Amanda Mushal

EDUC                         Kathy Richardson-Jones

MACS                         David Trautman

BIOL                           John Zardus


At the Fall meeting, Amanda Mushal was elected to serve as Chair of the committee.  David Trautman volunteered to serve as the committee representative for the Who’s Who Among Students at American Universities and Colleges Awards.

Who’s Who Among Students at American Universities and Colleges Awards

David Trautman met with the Citadel Who’s Who committee to select awardees based on nominations submitted from across campus.

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

2011-2012 saw the addition of three staff members, to be appointed annually by the Chair of Staff Council, to the committee to choose the winners of the non-student recipient of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.  For 2011-2012, these staff members were:


Celeste Melvin, Career Services Center

Patricia St. Denis, Financial Services

Katie Gibson, Citadel Graduate College


The committee received copies of all nominations and voted, via e-mail, for one graduating senior recipient and one non-student recipient of the award.  Amanda Mushal informed the Provost’s office of the Committee’s recommendations.

Faculty Recognition Awards

The other major order of business was the development of a nomination process for the new Faculty Excellence Awards and the Faculty Spotlight Awards, and the selection of recipients for these awards.  For this year’s awards, the committee solicited PDSs from eligible faculty members who wished to be considered for the award.  Voting was conducted via email for the recipients of the four Faculty Excellence Awards and five runners-up, who received the Faculty Spotlight Awards.  Because two faculty members had worked closely together on the projects that led to their recognition, one of the four Excellence Awards was awarded jointly, resulting in a total of five recipients being selected for this year’s Faculty Excellence Awards.


Submitted by Amanda Mushal, Chair, Awards Committee


January 18, 2013