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            The Awards Committee held one formal meeting of the full committee in the Fall Semester and no formal meetings of the full committee in the Spring Semester.  All business for the Spring Semester was handled via e-mail.  Subcommittees, as discussed below, met several times during the academic year. 


The 2008-2009 Awards Committee consisted of the following:

PSYC                          Matthews, D.  

ELEC                          Barsanti, R.     

CIVL                          Mays, Tim       

MACS                         Trautman, D.   

PSCJ                           Henderson-Hurley, M

BIOL                          Zardus, J.


At the Fall meeting, Robert Barsanti was elected to serve as Chair of the committee.  David Trautman volunteered to serve as the committee representative for Who’s Who Among Students at American Universities and Colleges Awards.  Tim Mays volunteered to serve on the General Awards committee headed up by the Commandant’s office. 


Who’s Who Among Students at American Universities and Colleges Awards

Dr. Trautman reported that the official contact for this award at The Citadel was Debra Echols, Assistant Director of Cadet Activities. He met two times with a committee of faculty and staff selected by Bob Sberna, Director of Cadet Activities. The committee selected awardees based on nominations submitted from others across campus. 


Military Awards

Pamela Barton ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) asked for one representative and Tim Mays agreed to serve in this capacity. 


Summer Scholarships

The contact person this is now Al Gurganus.  He chose his own selection committee for the 2010 awards which did not include any member of the awards committee, and it appears the awards committee no longer has automatic representation in the selection of summer scholarships.



Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

The Committee’s final job was selecting recipients for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.  The committee received copies of all nominations and voted, via e-mail, for one cadet recipient and one non-student recipient of the award.  Robert Barsanti informed the Provost’s office of the Committee’s recommendations.


Submitted by Robert Barsanti, Chair, Awards Committee

April 23, 2010