Why The Citadel?
Jan 12 2011 Print E-mail

To: Members of The Citadel Scholarship Committee

From: CPT Kathryn Strong, English Dept.

Re: Minutes of 1/27/11 Scholarship Committee meeting


Members Present: Fuller, Hendriks, Plemmons, Potisuk, Rhodes, Sawyer, Sollitt, Strong, Taylor


MAJ Fuller began the meeting at approximately 1103 hours, and we began with CPT Strong updating us on her candidate interviews.  CPT Sollitt, MAJ Hendricks, and MAJ Plemmons also presented information on their candidate interviews.  As is customary, committee members reviewed the academic files of the candidates and asked questions of the interviewers regarding the candidates’ strengths.  COL Rhodes added observations from his interviews of candidates when possible.


Sixteen candidates were reviewed, and the committee decided to award partial scholarships to candidates Fox, Martin, Richmond, Smith, Thompson, and Warwick.  Full scholarships were agreed upon for candidates Aiken, Arp, Becherer, Burrows, Clemons, Fredette, Kim, Norris, and Warrinton.  MAJ Fuller announced that one candidate had already accepted an offer elsewhere, so no scholarship will be offered to him.


MAJ Fuller concluded by deferring discussion of candidates interviewed by CPT Williams, LTC Timmerman, and CPT Potisuk until next week, 2/3/11, at 1100 hours.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 1215 hours.


Respectfully submitted,

CPT Kathryn Strong

Member, Scholarship Committee