Why The Citadel?
October 2010 Print E-mail

To: Members of The Citadel Scholarship Committee

From: CPT Kathryn Strong, English Dept.

Re: Minutes of 10/7/10 Scholarship Committee meeting


Members Present: Bower, Brady, Fuller, Plemmons, Rhodes, Robbins, Rudolph, Sawyer, Sollitt, Strong, Williams


MAJ Fuller began the meeting at approximately 1105 hours, and welcomed the members to another year of work. Each member present introduced him- or herself, and MAJ Fuller gave a brief overview of the scholarship recipient selection process. He also provided the dates of the first interviews (Friday, November 12, 2010) and a tentative date for the next round of interviews (January 26, 2011).


Outgoing chair CPT Rudolph nominated CPT Potisuk as chair of the committee. The motion was seconded, and no other nominees were offered. The motion carried, and CPT Potisuk is this year’s Scholarship Committee chair.


CPT Sollitt asked for further details of the interview process, and the more seasoned committee members graciously offered their overviews as well as answers to specific questions. MAJ Fuller also disseminated informational folders to the new committee members. MAJ Fuller also offered to distribute a “Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing” handout, with which he was supplied by MAJ Plemmons.


Each committee member was then charged with the task of reading the essay question suggestions pre-circulated via email by MAJ Fuller. Each member will select his or her three top choices and email MAJ Fuller with those choices by Friday, October 15, 2010 at the latest. If any committee member wishes to supply further essay choices, that member must supply them to MAJ Fuller via email by no later than Friday, October 8, 2010.


MAJ Fuller concluded the meeting by entreating new committee members to read the charter in the informational folder.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 1240 hours.


Respectfully submitted,

CPT Kathryn Strong

Member, Scholarship Committee