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Minutes March 25, 2010 Print E-mail

To:  Members of The Citadel Scholarship Committee

From:  MAJ Scott Lucas, English Dept.

RE:  Minutes of 3/25/10 Scholarship Committee meeting.




Members Present:  Fuller, Plemmons, Timmerman, L. Taylor, Calloway, K. Taylor, Williams, Robbins, Hanchon, Potisuk, Bower, Lucas.


LTC Fuller began the meeting at 1103 hours.  Fuller welcomed the Committee’s newest member, CPT Kerry Taylor, and introduced him to the work of the Committee and the standards by which it evaluates full-scholarship candidates. 


The Committee then turned its attention to its chief task for the day, the process of selecting students to recommend for full scholarships from the March 19, 2010, round of interviews.  Before deciding on each applicant, the Committee heard a report on the candidate’s credentials and on his/her performance in his/her on-campus interview.  These reports were supplemented at times by COL Rhodes’ written reports on his further observation of some of those under consideration. 


After deliberations, the following decisions were made on the question of whether or not to offer a full scholarship to each of the applicants named below:


Sells:  No

Bennett:  No

Cunniff:  No

Fogle:  Yes

Boodee’e:  Yes

Sanchez:  Yes

Halbach:  No

Hawks:  No

Riddle:  No


The Committee did not have a file for one candidate interviewed, Reynolds.  It agreed to postpone full consideration of Reynolds’ candidacy until the status of his file could be checked.


LTC Fuller noted that the Committee’s major work was done for the semester and that it would probably not hold another full meeting until next academic year.  Fuller also noted that CPT Rudolph will write the annual report for the Committee.



LTC Fuller closed the meeting by thanking the Committee for its work on behalf of The Citadel, and the meeting adjourned at about 1200 hours.



Respectfully submitted,


MAJ Scott Lucas

Member, Scholarship Committee