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Library Services Committee - Charter

Mission Statement and Charter for the Library Services Committee



The primary mission of the Library Services Committee is to help the Daniel Library fulfill its academic support role to The Citadel. The committee shall facilitate communication between the user community and the library. The committee should support the library in its mission.




I. Membership


A. Representation


The Committee on Committees selects ten to twelve members from different academic departments to serve on the committee.  One representative should belong to each of the following schools: 1) Business Administration; 2) Education; 3) Humanities and Social Sciences; 4) Science and Mathematics; 5) Engineering.  In addition, there will be 4 at large members. One ROTC faculty shall also serve on the committee. Academic faculty membership is restricted to tenured/tenure track faculty who have been employed at The Citadel for at least one semester at the time they begin committee service. The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs may select one graduate student member. The Library Director is the designated ex-officio liaison.


B. Tenure


Faculty members are selected for three year terms, and may request a second consecutive term; no faculty member may serve on the committee for more than six years consecutively. Student members are selected for one year terms. If a faculty member cannot complete a term, the Committee on Committees will select another member to fill the unexpired term. Time spent filling the term of another faculty member will not count toward the "six-year rule" outlined above.


II. Structure


A. Chair


The committee shall have a chair selected by committee vote at an organizational meeting held before September 30 of each academic year. The term of the chair lasts until the next election. A member may not serve as committee chair for more than three years consecutively. The chair is responsible for scheduling and presiding over committee meetings, representing the committee before outside bodies, and producing an annual report of committee activities.


B. Subcommittees


The committee may form subcommittees either to divide a committee task into parts or to perform a specific task.


C. Meetings


The committee must meet at least twice during the academic year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. The chair must hold a meeting if requested in writing by at least one-third of the voting members. A quorum consists of one-half of the voting membership.


III. Activities


A. Information


The committee may help the Daniel library staff gather, analyze, and disseminate information relevant to the library's academic support to The Citadel. It is authorized to gather information by means of direct request to a college administrative department or activity; an academic department; another standing committee; or any group or association of Citadel faculty, staff or students.  It can develop surveys as well as use previously published information.


The committee will analyze information through statistical summaries, the compilation of written material, or other established methods. The analysis may provide the college with information pertinent to a particular issue, or it may substantiate a recommendation for administrative action. The library committee also helps The Daniel Library prepare for the SACS self-study.

The committee disseminates information by means of a response (report) to a department or committee based upon a request for information.


B. Annual report


The committee will prepare an annual report of all decisions of the committee. Copies of this report will be made accessible to all Citadel faculty, staff and students in electronic form on the committee's web page.


IV. Amending the Charter


The committee may modify its charter. Changes in the committee charter come to the Committee on Committees. Consensus requests are forwarded to the Faculty Council for approval. In case of a lack of consensus, competing proposals may be sent to the Faculty Council for consideration.


Revised March 2012