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Faculty Research Committee Minutes – September 20, 2011


The Faculty Research Committee met at 11AM on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. The meeting was called to order by Joelle Neulander, the committee Chair from the previous academic year. Dr. Neulander discussed the duties of the committee and reviewed the timeline for grant submissions.

Dr. Neulander next asked for volunteers to serve as subcommittee leaders for Subgroup 1 (Humanities, Business, and Library) and Subgroup 2 (Math and Science). The leaders of the Subgroups are responsible for collecting votes from members of their subgroup and forwarding the compiled votes to the committee chair. Dr. Lauren Maxwell volunteered to act as the leader for Subgroup 1, and Dr. Michael Woo volunteered to act as the leader for Subgroup 2.

Dr. Neulander then asked for volunteers to serve as Faculty Research Committee Chair. After some discussion about the duties of the Chair, Dr. Kristy Johnson volunteered to serve. Dr. Neulander gave Dr. Johnson hard copies of Presentation grants that had come in early and later emailed electronic copies of these grants to the whole committee. Committee members were asked to submit their votes on the Presentation grants to their subcommittee leaders no later than September 27, 2011.