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CF Presentation Grant Guidelines
(Revised 5/10/04)


All tenured and tenure-track assistant professors, associate professors, and professors at The Citadel who maintain an up-to-date electronic curriculum vita (Web version), are eligible to apply.


Application Form:

Applicants must use the current on-line application form (see Research Committee website) and provide all indicated information within the document.


Number of Copies Required:

1 hard and one electronic copy must be submitted to the Chair of the Research Committee.


Funding Limits:

All faculty members, including new faculty, are eligible to apply for funding of trips during fiscal year 2010-2011 to present research findings. There is no limit on the number of applications, which can be submitted by an applicant during the grant year; however, the total funding limit for fiscal year 2010-1011 is $2,500 per person.


Review Process:

In its review of CF Presentation Grant proposals, the Research Committee will consider the clarity with which the proposed activities are presented, the significance and relevance of the conference at which the presentation is to be made, the apparent feasibility of the proposed presentation, evidence of certainty of inclusion on the conference program, and cost effectiveness of the proposed expenditures, especially in relation to requests for larger amounts, such as international travel. If the presentation is related to research supported by the CF Research Grants or other grants, a copy of the research proposal should be provided to the departmental representative for committee guidance. If the presentation follows from research not supported by grants, a detailed description of the research should be provided to the departmental representative for committee guidance.


The entire committee will review proposals. The committee will make recommendations to the Provost, who will then make the decision.