Why The Citadel?
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Meeting Minutes
May 5, 2011


Attending: Elise Wallace (LIBR), Shankar Banik (MACS), Dena Garner (HESS), Paul Nolan (BIOL), Randy Blanton (CHEM), Sean Heuston (ENGL), Darin Matthews (PSYC), Liz Washington Arnold (BADM)

· The current chair, Elise Wallace, will remain through another year.


· New Members: Eloy Urroz (MLNG) has replaced Scott Yost (MLNG) who moved off of this committee to join the Faculty Council.
Tim Mays (CIVL), Kathy Brown (EDUC), and Marcus Cox (HIST) will move off the committee. Three new members will be appointed by the Provost in the fall.


· There was a discussion about the website, Gateway Group portal,
to move old files out of the visible list, so as not to be mistaken for new applications to be reviewed.


· We addressed the problem of documents that come to use as attachments, and are difficult to open. It was suggested that applicants submit all documents in the PDF format.